King Saud Positions on Arab Issues


King Saud and The Crisis of Kuwait

Following the declaration made by Abdel Karim Qassim, Ruler of Iraq, that Kuwait was an indivisible part of Iraq and it would be annexed to the Province of Basra, King Saud stood steadfast, fearing neither storms nor threats and announced: "Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are but one cou...

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The First Saudi Oil Embargo

General mobilization - Suez battle   On October 29, 202 Israeli paratroopers attacked the Sinai desert. At the same time, Israeli tanks advanced in the heart of the desert to meet the paratroopers. Two hours after the start of the aggression, all the stations of the world received the news. The asto...

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King Saud and Jordan

"Before leaving Jordan, I would like to convey to all the categories of the people of Jordan my thanks and gratitude for the sincere feelings expressed, and the wonderful reception accorded to me during my visit to the different parts of this Arab country. Such a reception is to be expected ...

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King Saud and The Imam of Yemen

"Praise be to God for enabling us to arrive at an understanding, determined to work together to promote the well-being of our two countries and of all the Arab and Muslim States. "... to exert all our efforts and pool our potentials in harmony with the Arab countries in general, to attain ...

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King Saud and Palestine

"There are 50 million inhabitants in the Arab World which abounds in resources, spiritual values, wealth and human resources that entitles it to a prominent status among nations. It is our duty to work diligently, devotedly and faithfully in order to wrench the usurped homeland from its usur...

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