King Saud and Jordan

"Before leaving Jordan, I would like to convey to all the categories of the people
of Jordan my thanks and gratitude for the sincere feelings expressed, and the
wonderful reception accorded to me during my visit to the different parts of this
Arab country. Such a reception is to be expected from the fraternal Jordanian people
who have been defending their country which ranks first among the bastions in the
Arab World. I look with confidence to the future having felt the spirit of co-operation
animating the Jordanian people, their government and valiant army, as well as their
faith in God and their allegiance and support to their king at the most sombre of
times. May God safeguard their unity and solidarity, because the dangers
threatening Jordan and, consequently, the Arab nation can be overcome only
through understanding and unity in those difficult times undergone by the Arab
nation. We recall with great pride the admirable stance taken by His Majesty King
Hu sein, upheld by his army and people and supported by the entire Arab nation,
arabizing the Jordanian army and liberating Jordan from the shackles of foreign
domination that hampered its freedom, as well as his endorsement of the Arab
liberation plan to safeguard the entity and independence of his country. May God
protect the unity and prosperity of Jordan under the auspices of its king and, in
co-operation with his Arab brothers, succeed in securing the progress of his country,
its unity and independence."