King Saud and the Tripartite Aggression (Israel, Britain, France) against Egypt (1376 H. 1956)

Following the news of the tripartite aggression, King Saud sent the following
cables to the King of Morocco, the King of Libya, the Imam of Yemen, and the Heads 
of State of Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and other countries calling upon them to support
Egypt and side with her.

'We were informed this morning of the Jewish aggression against the Egyptian
territory. Such an act is not surprising from such treacherous people because they
seek the annihilation of the Arabs.

'We call for prompt general mobilization and state of preparedness to defend
Arab countries against Jewish aggression.

"We have given orders for general mobilization to stand ready to defend the
Arab countries in the face of Jewish insolence. We hope we would all join forces to
defend the Arab countries and ward off the aggression waged against them.

"May God help us vindicate His religion, and doom the tyrant."

Cable of the King to President Nasser
'We were informed of the Jewish aggression this morning. We place ourselves
and all our potentials at your disposal to repel that aggression. Since they waged the
aggression, the aggressor shall reap the fate he deserves. God sayeth: 'To those against
whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged; - and verily,
God is Most Powerful for their aid.' ,,*

President Nasser's reply
"I wish to express to Your Majesty my most sincere thanks for the cable you
sent me in the wake of the Jewish aggression. It reflected the genuine solidarity of
our two countries which deeply touched me. I am confident that God, Most
Powerful, will protect us and lead us to unshakable victory to promote the honour
and dignity of the Arabs."

Cable sent on October 30 (26 Rabi'ul Awal) by His Majesty the King
to President Eisenhower

"I have learned, through the media, of your concern over the Israeli aggression
against the Egyptian territory, of the efforts you are making to warn the aggressor,
and the support of the USA to the assaulted party thus championing the principles of
justice always advocated by the USA. Honest as he is, President Eisenhower honours
his word. While expressing my thanks and gratitude for the efforts exerted to thwart
this treacherous onslaught, rest assured that our objective is to maintain peace
because, unless immediate action is taken to stem this aggression, we cannot foresee
its dire consequences. You must have noted as well as other countries, that we were
right when we viewed the occupation of Arab territories by this Zionist force as a
hotbed of trouble in the East. Thanking my distinguished friend for this noble stance,
I sincerely hope that he will continue to support the assaulted party and restore
stability and security to the region that was harmed by the Zionist aggression."

Second cable sent to President Eisenhower the following day

"I sent you a cable yesterday to convey my thanks and gratitude for the stance
you adopted vis-a-vis the Israeli aggression against the Egyptian territory. I reiterate
my thanks for the stance taken by the USA at the Security Council.

"I urge the USA, as demonstrated by its long history of defending rights and
freedom, to put an end to any aggression that violates the principles of the United
Nations, hoping that through rational measures dictated by your judiciousness, you
will stem the new Franco-British aggression waged against Egypt because, unless the
USA takes positive action regarding this situation, matters may deteriorate and
culminate in creating a vast gap between East and West that will be difficult to
bridge. Such a situation may have most adverse effects of unforeseen consequences
on world peace.

"I have high hopes in your sense of justice and desire to promote the well-being
of mankind, and help the peace-loving peoples ward off the scourge of war." 

Communique issued by Saudi Arabia

"Given the flagrant and unjustified aggression waged by England and France
against the sister country of Egypt, already a victim of Israeli aggression, the Saudi
Arabian government has directed all competent authorities to refrain from supplying
and fueling all English and French vessels as well as all other vessels heading for
these two countries with Saudi oil."

Severance of diplomatic relations with the two countries

The Saudi Government severed diplomatic relations with the two aggressors as
a punitive and coercive measure. This was recorded in the following official
communique dated 7 November:

"In view of the armed aggression waged by the governments of Britain and
France against the sister country of Egypt, who is the assaulted party and victim of
Israeli aggression; considering the fact that these two countries refuse to abide by the
United Nations Cease-Fire Resolution and in view of their unjustified and persisting
aggression, the Government of Saudi Arabia has decided to sever all diplomatic
relations with the said governments as of the date of notification."

President Gamal Abdel Nasser thanks King Saud

When the war came to an end President Carnal Abdel Nasser sent the following
message thanking King Saud:

"May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

"I send you best greetings and sincerely thank you for your warm feelings and
noble sentiments towards the Egyptian government and people during the
treacherous aggression waged by the vicious conspirators. We are deeply grateful for
the assistance you offered us during these critical times and for your generous
assistance to the families of war victims in Port Said who were a symbol of
self-sacrifice and devotion, not only in their defence of Egypt but also in favour of
Arabism and the glory of Islam. Your attitude was greatly appreciated by the
Egyptian government and people and deeply moved me. I wish to express to your
Majesty my sincere thanks for your kind feelings and fraternal solidarity. May God
protect Arabism and safeguard Islam sot hat we will emerge triumphant over the
forces of evil and oppression." 

Gamal Abdel Nasser