Islamic Conference in Makkah 1954

Muslims around the world answered the call forIslamic  conference called for by King Saud and it was was convened in the Holy city of Makkah , which recieved the delegations from all over the world in 1954. Among the delegations was Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Ghulam Mohammad the governor-general of Pakistan and Muhammad Ali The Prime Minister, Seif  Al-Islam Ismail, Bekbashy Hussein Shafei who was the Minister of War in Egypt, Anwar Sadat and Sheikh Mohammed Hassanein Makhlouf the Mufti of Egypt representing the Egyptian delegation. Irani Delegation was lead by Mr. Emami and The Sultan Ali bin Abdul Karim Al-Abdali Sultan of Lahj, Sheikh Ali bin Khoja, Mr. Haj Habib Alkeiari head of the Tunisian delegation. The King also received  Sardar Shah Mehmood Khan the King of the Afghans and Sheikh Mahrooth Al Hazel Head of Inza tribes in Iraq, and Sheikh Methqal one of the heads of Jordan's tribes, and other Indonesian, Sudanese, Syrian and Yemeni delegations.

On 6th of August 1954, King Saud washed the interior of the Kaaba with rose water and Zamzam water, joined with delegations and heads of states headed by President Abdel Nasser.

King Saud ,then invited delegations to a grand banquets during which he delivered a  speech.

On 10 August 1954, delegates met in Mecca, and the conferees began discussing the important. Issues concerning Muslims."

Before the adjournment of Congress President Nasser suggested and supported by King Saud , proposed the establishment of a General Secretariat for the Conference to entrust headed by Anwar Al Sadat. It was also decided to establish a supreme council Presided by : King Saud , President Nasser and Ahmed on the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. The conferees adopted these decisions, with the exception of the delegations of Iran and Pakistan

It was decided that the headquarters of the Conference in Cairo. The opening session was held in Mecca in 1956 to be preceded by a preparatory meeting in Alexandria, which was called for by President Nasser at the time, but that did not affect the relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. On the contrary, President Nasser took the opportunity to have talks with the new minister of Defence, Prince Mishaal Bin AbdulAziz in Cairo and they issued a joint communiqué that stressed on  the determination of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to unify their foreign  and military policies, and if these steps blessing.