The Islamic League

Being concerned with unifying the Islamic nation, King Saud called for an Islamic conference in Macca in (1374 H- 1955) to discuss Muslim affairs, solve their differences and unite their ranks.

The Islamic Governments welcomed the conference and its important goals; they convened in Macca in (1374 H- 1955). The Conference dealt with the Muslim affairs and conditions. In order to conf1ffi1 its continuity and realize the purposes called upon by King Saud, the Conference reached the following conclusions:

Established an office of Secretary General for the conference; Anwar al Sadat was appointed Secretary General.
Established a high commission represented by King Saud, the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammed Ali. They agreed that the Conference head quarters would be in Cairo and the opening session in Macca. King Saud was chosen to be the president of the High Commission of the Islamic Conference.
Thanks to King Saud support, concern and responsibilities as chairman of the conference, the organization played a constructive role. The organization expressed its recognition towards King Saud Bin Abdul-Aziz for his ongoing concern in its matters, in a letter addressed by the Secretary General Anwar al Sadat on (Shaaban 7, 1376 H- March 9, 1957) where he declared:

"The Islamic conference Is very proud of Your Majesty is wise leadership, and would like to express its recognition and pride regarding your generous contribution in the fulfillment of its mission ... this great Islamic institution would not have been founded if it were not for Your Majesty's encouragement; it would not have achieved such important accomplishments in such a short period of time were it not for Your Majesty's devotion and affection, and, your guidance and counsel. Your majesty had graciously (Patronized) the conference and all of the Muslims in their different countries and languages.
I pay tribute to the Guardian of the Holy Places who (patronizes) the Islamic conference, serves the benefits of Islam, and attends to all Muslims equally."
This letter was a true recognition of King Saud's role as an Islamic leader.