The Battle of Al-Khiras

Saud played a role in the events after the battle of Turba. Thus, he attacked the rebels of the Atiba tribes that are under the leadership of al Khiras, who in turn is from the Sheikhs of Atiba, the supporters of the Sharif of Makkah, King Hussein Bin Ali. This attack was done in a place called Sharma near the wells of al Dafma. Among those who went with him on this assault, were Bin Rabiaan, Bin Mahia and others from the seniors of the Atiba tribe. Al Sharif Mansour Bin Ghaleb Bin Louaiy and the two Princes Salman and Saud Bin Abdallah also accompanied him from al Saud. And so, Saud vanquished them near the wells of Dafma in late Ramadan in the year (1338H/1919).  However, after they scattered, he went after them again between Hijaz and Najd and he captured many of their leaders before returning to Riyadh where news of his Victory had  preceded him.