The Surrender of Hail in 1919

Subsequently, provided with another independent command during the famous episode of the siege of Hail, first during 1919 and then during 1921, Saud played a crucial role in bringing this affair to a satisfactory conclusion, in keeping with his Father’s designs and objectives. Upon learning of Saud’s fast spreading reputation as a kind, generous, humane, understanding and chivalrous soul — all of them are noble qualities greatly admired and cherished by the Arab of the desert — it was to him that later on the Amir of Hail ‘Abdullah ibn Mitib Ibn Rasheed turned to surrender himself, in order to save his people from further trials and hardships, and put an end to bloodshed.  Saud’s reaction to this gesture by his family’s rival was to receive him in a honourable manner, to escort him to Riyadh, in person, presenting him to his Father in a fitting and commendable style.
This was not, however, the last word in the subjugation of Hail, for those of the clans of Shammar opposed to this move by their Amir, were to elect another son of the Rasheedi clan, Muhammad bin Talal as their new leader, and to continue to offer resistance to Abdul-Aziz’s forces.  Saud was again to play an important military role in compelling Talal to surrender unconditionally.
Commanders of the calibre of Saud’s uncle, Muhammad and Faisal al- Duwaiyyish, the great Chief of the Mutair had all played major military roles in the conquest of Hail. The importance Abdulaziz attached to the contribution of his son Saud in this whole affair was shown when the leaders of the Rasheedi clan came along with their Amir to Abdul-Aziz’s camp to offer their surrender, and shake hands in token of submission. He was then asked to go to Saud’s tent to repeat the ritual, thus attempting to end decades of mortal rivalry between the two Houses of Rasheed and Saud. Both Abdul-Aziz and Saud took brides from the Rasheedi clan. [1]


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