Goals of The Islamic League

Further to the Islamic conferences is work that aimed at giving concrete expression to the Islamic continuity and supporting Muslims stands, the Islamic conference held in Mecca on Dhul¬Hijja 14, 1381 H - 1962) decided to found the Islamic World League which aimed at spreading Islam explaining the principles and teachings of the Islamic religion facing dangerous plots aiming to cause turmoil amongst Muslims, and undermine their unity and brotherhood addressing Islamic issues regarding Muslims' interests and hopes and settling their differences. The means to accomplish the league objectives had been clearly set, as well as the budget revenues of the league and the necessary regulations for its functions. For example, a secretary General was elected from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to act as a formal representative of the league in different governmental and popular authorities and to supervise its organization.
The conference elected sheikh Muhammad Surour Al Sabban as the First Secretary General. The constituent assembly included 21 members; among them was Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim, the highest Mufti in the Kingdom, as well as representative members from all Islamic countries.
The Islamic conference thanked King Saud for his efforts in serving Islam and Muslims and for supporting Islamic causes. It also thanked His Majesty for founding the Islamic University in Al Madina Al Munawara, and expressed their appreciation for the facilities ensured by King Saud to hold the Islamic conference and for his achievements in founding the Islamic World League.