The Beginnings of Female Education

Royal Decree from King Saud in 1960 initiates the following :

"That female formal education will be accessible  to all girls around the country , and schools will be opened for them under the supervision of the (The General presidency for formal female Education) which will be headed by Sheikh Ibrahim Al Sheikh ,the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia ".

The promotion of formal education with a modernised, but Islamic syllabus, and at all levels, received a major boost during this period, with the introduction of modern schools and free education in all parts of the country.  The establishment of technical institutes, teachers training and religious colleges in major urban centres also received due attention. The budgetary allocation for it had been quadrupled forthwith.
Female education  has started in Hejaz  before the establishment  of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia , and  during King Saud reign  he encouraged it in Najd , by example than legislative force at this stage  with the establishment of  the first private school (Al kharimat) in Riyadh for his daughters and, other members of the family and whoever wished to join them from the public. It was Followed by opening (Mabarat Al Kharimat) for Girls by King Saud S' daughters. These two first female schools in Riyadh led to asking for more female schools by the people, which led to announcing a Royal Decree by King Saud in 1960, a full-fledged “Presidency” for female education which had been set up to establish formal schools for girls in all parts of the kingdom despite objections by some people in certain  parts of the country which king Saud stood firmly and courageously in front of it.