King Saud speech to the American people during his visit

"I came to the United States at the invitation of my friend President
Eisenhower. This is a very normal visit in view of the friendly ties binding our two
countries. It will allow us to exchange views on several issues of concern to our
countries in particular and to the Middle East in general.

"The present conditions in the Middle East call upon men of good faith and
strong will to unite their efforts in the interest of peace and to spare no effort in
eliminating the underlying cause of tension in order to usher in a new era of
friendship and understanding among all peoples. I do sincerely wish that this visit
and our talks will strengthen and consolidate relations between our countries and be
beneficial to the Middle East and mankind in general."

The United Nations gave a banquet in honour of King Saud to which it invited
the heads of delegations of Arab and Islamic states together with American
statesmen. Mr. Dag Hammerskjold delivered a welcome address in which he
described His Majesty as "The King who is Ever-Striving for Peace". His Majesty
replied as follows:

In the Name of God, the Merciful the Compassionate

"Mr. Chairman,
"Distinguished Delegates, 

"I would like to thank His Excellency the Chairman for his warm
congratulations and for availing us the opportunity of meeting you. Through you, I
greet the United Nations Organization on which mankind has pinned its most
cherished hopes as its Charter, drawn up over eleven years ago, ushered in a new era
of peace, freedom and hope for all the people. My country warmly welcomed the
principles of the United Nations Charter for we are peace-loving people.

"Some of you might know that "Islam" means peace. Our daily greeting wishe
one another peace. Our Islamic Shari'a stated, over 13 centuries ago, that all men
were created equal. God has made them into nations and tribes that they may know
each other and co-operate. Hence, Shari'a heralded the principles of international
co-operation, lasting peace, and mutual security, and set up rules for repelling
aggression and upholding the cause of the oppressed. We believe in human, spiritual
and moral values, in the right of everyone to a free and safe life, and a fruitful
co-operation among mankind in their common interest. That explains our hopes and
the fact that the principles of the United Nations had become a system regulating
relations among peoples, whether great or small and eliminating all causes of strife
among nations in order to liberate them from fear and the threat of aggression while
focusing on constructive activities with the objective of creating a happy society. It is
no secret that the policy of hegemony and obsolete trends has often brought about
misery and war with ensuing pain, destruction and confusion to people. Thus the
principles of justice embodied in the U.N. Charter deviated from the right course and
failed to fulfil their goals. As a result, this unsound policy has led to the present state
of tension, confusion and instability with adverse effects on mankind. It is the ills of
cold war that we are witnessing at present, which are at the origin of the armament
race that drains our human resources and directs them to destructive and
devastating activities. It is the origin of all the hostilities, fighting, rancour and envy
witnessed by the U.N. in some parts of the world. The U.N. should recover its
influence and regulate relations among countries and people through the
implementation of its principles and teachings as well as that of the letter and spirit
of the provisions of its charter so that people may claim their right to freedom and
independence and exercise their right to self-determination. This is the only way to
save mankind from the woes of the present crises, the miseries of war and usher in a
new era of genuine peace and mutual understanding among nations - an era of
sincere affection and co-operation in favour of mankind as a whole. Fortunately,
humanity has witnessed lately a breakthrough in this Organization that revived
hopes and restored some confidence to the people. We have felt a commendable
resolve to hold fast to its principles and proceed on the right course. The efforts
exerted by its Secretary-General, Mr. Dag Hammerskjold were instrumental in the
fulfilment of this goal, and he truly deserves our appreciation and praise. We do
sincerely hope that the U.N. will con~inue to adhere to its principles and ensure
justice, and respect for human rights, as emphasized in its charter, and apply these
principles in all its activities, proceeding ahead with full determination to carry out
its noble mission, that of maintaining international peace and security, thus
recovering its status and becoming a haven for mankind on its own merits. May God
support us in working for the well-being of humanity. Peace be upon you."