The Battle of Yatab in 1918

Saud's role in his father's Military expeditions (1336H - 1917A.D)

It was obviously clear to King Abdul Aziz that the policies adopted in the region became more and more complex especially after the Ottomans decided to rally behind Germany in World War I and later the British attempted to rally the Arabs behind them with the Allies after signing the previous agreement with Abdul Aziz. Thus, the Indian British government sent Mr. Philby and Colonel Owen to assess the situation and negotiate with King Abdul Aziz and bring about a reconciliation between him and Al Sharif Hussein in the year (1336H/1917).  As soon as it was possible for him and upon the request of some rebels for help in attacking Bin Al Rasheed, he moved to Haiil and was able to reach its outskirts but he didn't stay long there because he didn't have the appropriate artillery to attack its fortresses. This was at the end of the year (1336H / August 1918). Among these military operations, there was the battle of Yateb, named after a water well, next to which the battle took place. Saud who participated with his brother Turki in this battle showed a great deal of courage in spite of his young age.  When the news of the victory of the Allies and the Arabs over the Ottomans in Palestine and Syria spread, Bin Al Rasheed was obliged to ratify an agreement with King Abdul Aziz which didn't last long During this period, Turki Bin Abdul Aziz died and thus the responsibility of the eldest son fell on Saud's shoulders.