The Visit to Qatar in 1915

Sensing the surrounding dangers and having his sons as by his side King Abdul Aziz sent in the same year, his son Saud, to the new Emir of Qatar, Abdallah Bin Kassim Bin Thani who took over after his father's death who in turn wasn't satisfied about the control of Abdul Aziz over Ihsa. The purpose of this visit was to settle the dispute. And so Sheikh Abdallah Bin Thani warmly welcomed Saud who was the head of a delegation representing his father. The delegate succeeded in reaching an agreement. Moreover, the fact that Saud was the head of the delegation was considered as the first "diplomatic" mission that King Abdul Aziz entrusted to his son in order to regain the cordiality of Qatar's ruler. Among the most important purposes of this visit was to bring about reconciliation with Salman Bin Muhammad Bin Saud Bin Faisal, King Abdul Aziz's paternal cousin who sought refuge in Qatar after participating with the Ojmans in their war against King Abdul Aziz, land who returned with him to Riyadh. [1]


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