King Saud Ascends To The Throne on The 8th of October 1953

King Saud received the pledge of allegiance in Taif from members of his family led by his uncle Prince Abdallah Bin Abdul-Rahman and his brother Faisal Bin AbduI-Aziz who gave him his father's ring. The new King gave the ring back to his brother Prince Faisal thus appointing him as his Crown Prince.

When ceremonies of condolences and the pledge of allegiance ended, King Saud addressed his people declaring his intention to keep the life of his late father "in his mind", improve the political, economic and social situations in the country, looking after the interests of his subjects and insuring their rights, and to pay special attention to "the Islamic and Arab Fraternity" while "keeping the friendship of foreign states of which our beloved late King took care".
As soon as King Saud ascended to power, he paid a quick visit to several major cities beginning with Makkah where he promised its citizens to devote to that blessed City "his greatest care and attention".
When he visited Al-Madina and checked the construction works in the Prophet's Mosque, (peace be upon him), he participated in the transportation of the stones and sand and the digging of the north-west minaret publicly, following the example of the Prophet and his honorable Companions and deeply impressing his (beholders) who praised God and said "There is no God but Allah" expressing their joy and optimism.
Before his return to the Capital, the King issued on Rabi I 21, 1373H /1953 a statement declaring his trust in all Government officials and civil servants whom he thanked and maintained in their positions. He also expressed his wish to improve the situation of the country in order to reach the glory, progress and welfare it aspires to, within the framework of Qura'an, Prophet Sayings and the Holy Sharia, and to carry out "developmental projects. and beneficial works, spread education and establish a strong army". He asserted that he will be for them all a merciful father and asked everyone to do their best to help him carry the burden of the Government.
Before leaving Hijaz, King Saud promised to carry out several projects immediately, the first being the expansion of Makkah and Al-Madinah and the Holy Mashaer, building roads between them and providing health services. In his capital Riyadh, he promised its Citizens that he wished to guarantee their right to progress and prosperity.