Establishment of Al-Hilal Club

The establishment of the Saudi club Al Hilal in the reign of King Saud

The foundations of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Bin Said Olympic Club suffered 1377H after it was separated from the youth club he founded is also ..

It was the club's headquarters at the time a house of mud and milk , wood and consists of three rooms only and was established on Tuesday, 21/3/1377 AH and logo blue and white , was chosen this name in the beginning of the name of the club Olympic , founded by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Bin Said in Jeddah by but he did not continue the club has changed its name to Crescent after a year and two months from the establishment of the Olympic and after a charity match in honor of King Saud , who ordered the change of name to the Arabic name where three names submitted after His Majesty the King , namely:

• Alyamama .

• Alwehda .

• Crescent .

On Wednesday, 21 / 5 / 1378 and received an urgent telegram from King Saud camp and this was read: -

We have examined on what is stated in your letter attached to it the names that اقترحتموها statement and wish as we see fit , so - called Third your club name in the speech " crescent " Vaatmdoa of it.

King Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

It was an ambitious club competition on the Arab region has , but in 1381 Zoom ambition after winning the team unity on the King's Cup to include tournaments Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and with size ambition and determination departments Crescent and honorary members , led by Prince Bandar bin Mohammed came genie out of the bottle and emerged giant competitor and its Arab and continental championships .

Reference: Al Hilal Saudi site