Ministry of National Economy

A separate department in the Ministry of Finance and was called the "Department of Economic Affairs" and is assigned to the supervision of Sheikh Ahmed Moussalli with the rank of Assistant Deputy Minister.

On 14 Shawwal 1373H - June 26,
1953 AD King Saud ordered the establishment of the Ministry of the national economy and its annexation to the Ministry of Finance to be positioned in Jeddah which was the Ministry of Finance Centre. He had previously issued an order to establish an economic council but that the Council did not meet, that was authored by members of the finance and economy ministries and the President of the two chambers in Mecca and Jeddah, and released a new system for this Council on 23 Shaaban 1373 H - May 7, 1953.

In Muharram 6, 1374, the royal decree number 31 was issued by His Majesty King Saud, to integrate the Ministry of National Economy and Ministry of Finance and the appointment of Sheikh Mohammed Suroor Al-Sabban as Minister of Finance and National Economy.

King Saud tried to achieve the principle of self-sufficiency with regard to the Supreme policy, for the growth of the national economy, to reach this goal by the material resources available in the country's productivity, energy and raw materials.