King Saud And The Start of Female Education
King Saud And The Palestinian Issue
King Saud And The Expansion Of The Two Holy Mosques
King Saud And The Abolition of Slavery
King Saud And The First Oil Embargo
King Saud and The Creation of The Islamic League


History of King Saud

King Saud was the second King of Saudi Arabia after his father the unifier, King Abdulaziz. He was born in Kuwait in 1902 while his family were in exile, and then fought alongside his father at the age of 13 to help unify the Modern Saudi state. He was then Crown Prince for 20 years, and King for 11. And following a coup by his younger brother Faisal he died in exile Athens in 1969.

King Saud`s Family

The Family Tree

Dear people: you are well aware of my sole interest in you affairs, and your wellbeing, and I shall work hard in order to strengthen our country in every possible way.

Quotes of King Saud

Our forefathers lived for decades riding horses and camels and eating only dates. And for the sake of Arab solidarity, we are ready to sacrifice everything, even if it means returning to the desert to our camels and horses. As pride and honour with hunger is better than luxury with humiliation.

King Saud, 1956

Islam came and took us from lowliness and disgrace and made us one of the strongest nations on earth, and our unity made us leaders at one time in history, and we were able to spread the word of Allah.

King Saud

The unity of all Muslims is the greatest duty that every Muslim must accomplish. I call upon all Muslims to unite on the right path, to unite their opinions and to be like one solid unit.

King Saud