King Saud Travels Between 1965-1969

King Saud left Saudi Arabia for the last time in his life with some  of his children and his wife and Forty from his entourage  to Vienna on January 7 , 1965. His air craft stopped   in Beirut on its way to Austria for fifty minutes , where his wife Princess Jamilla Assad Ibrahim residing in Lebanon  then ,with few of his children and the Saudi ambassador in Lebanon  mr. Abdulaziz Alkuhaimi  and Ezzat Khurshid Director of Protocol at Saudi Embassy  [1] , went up to the plane as King Saud  couldn't disembark  because of orders from King Faisal .upon arrival to Vienna ,King Saud  entered the hospital for treatment.  Prince Khaled bin Saud announced to the press   in 01/19/1965 on the medical condition  of his father by saying  saying: "  King Saud was suffering from high blood pressure , and kidney disease and heart problems and is now being treated at the hospital in Vienna, [2] where he  will be for  a period of time for medical tests  and treatment. " After the end  of this period , King Saud  travelled  to Greece , where he stayed  with his family at Kafouri Hotel on the outskirts of Athens on the coast of the Mediterranean  , which is a 12 miles from  Athens. During his stay in Greece , he  toured Greece,  including the the " Kamina Vorla " known  for therapeutic treatments  Bhmamadtha and the  the Greek islands and stayed for some time in   " Crete " and  " Rhodes" and then returned back  to Athens .
He made ​​two trips to Spain , one by boat ,where he traveled to Rome and then drove to Naples and boarded the ship to Barcelona to check his eyes with  famous eye doctor ( Professor Brkir ) and returned to Greece and then visited the " islands  of Majorca ." King Saud was unhappy in  residing  for a long period  of time in the west, away from any Islamic country. He  wrote  to  President Gamal Abdel Nasser to  to fast the month of Ramadan in Egypt . President Nasser welcomed the idea and invited him to stay in Egypt in December 18 , 1966.  King Saud arrived in  Cairo on a private plane accompanied by his children princes ( Badr ,Mansoor , Thamer and ,Majid ) and the rest of his family, and was received at the airport by Governor of the city of Cairo , Mr. Saad Zadwalamir  and prince Khaled bin Saud , who  supervised his father s stay in Cairo. In 20/12 /1966 President Gamal Abdel Nasser received King Saud in his house  at  Manshyet Al  Bikry ,accompanied by his sons Princes: ( Badr and Khaled , MANSUR Thamir  and Majid ) [3] . On 01/01/1967 President Gamal Abdel Nasser returned   the king's visit at   Shepherd Hotel accompanied  by Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer , First Deputy President of the Republic , Mr. Anwar Sadat, President of the National Assembly [4]. During the stay  of  King Saud  in Cairo he stayed  at   Shepherd Hotel , then bought a palace for his residence  , which  he bought  from the Egyptian Government .   While in   Egypt , he visited Alexandria ,  Aswan and Nubia .then  he traveled  to Ethiopia and met the " Emperor Haile Selassie " in Almusra City. He  visited  Sana'a in Yemen , then returned to Cairo  during the Israeli attack on Egypt in 1967 . He  donated ten million pounds for the Government  . Later,   returned  back to Greece on board the ship "Algeria" in 09/23/1967 '.  He then went back to Vienna to  conduct tests under the supervision of his personal physician Dr. Carl Fellinger   , his personal physician in Vienna. then  he returned to Cairo to fast  the the  month of Ramadan in 11/25/1967 . In Cairo he had an appendix surgery  on the 01/02/1968  at the Armed Forces Hospital in Maadi under the supervision of his  personal   physition Dr.  Holzer , the operation was conducted by  Dr. Maj. Gen. Abdul Majeed Shohdy . He was visited by President Gamal Abdel Nasser after returning to his home in 12/01/1968 . Later  he returned  to Vienna for further  medical tests ,  and then went back  to Greece in 02.17.1968 where he was received by the Mayor of the city and some officials in the  Greek government . He  returned  back to Cairo until 03/30/1968 then back  to Athens for  hospitalisation and treatment of joints . , And then returned to Cairo and stayed  there until 06/10/1968 when he left to London for treatment. During his stay in London for treatment , he  attended a   Parliament session . He used to pay annual  visits  to Vienna for tests  and treatment with  his  famous Dr . ( Fellinger  ) . Finally, he returned to live in Greece  in 12.17.1968 . when asked by reporters how long will he stay  this time in Athens , he responded  by saying that :"he does not know "   He died in Athens at  four o'clock and twenty minutes on Sunday afternoon  on the 23-12 - 1969 , after a heart attack . [5] May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace .

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Contributed to some of the details of Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Ghoneim the private secretary of King Saud University

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