The Educator

“As for education, we have planned a long term strategy and started by opening King Saud University, and ordered the opening of female schools throughout the country, based on Islamic teachings, which encouraged parents to enroll their daughters in large numbers. Technical schools were also inaugurated to prepare our youth to become a work force and help in the industrial and agricultural development of our society.”
Part of King Saud seventh speech to his nation in memory of his ascendance to the throne.




Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had a very powerful start. The competent officials, led by Prince Fahd Ibn Abdel Aziz, always bore in mind the need to overcome difficulties and obstacles in order to attain the noble goals set by King Saud. Perhaps the most conspicuous of these obstacles an...

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The Budget of Ministry of Education

A statistical study   Prior to the establishment of the Ministry of Education at the order of King Saud, may Allah  have mercy on his soul, all responsibilities lay with the Department of Education,which then had a budget that did not exceed (226,600 SR.) The Department, with great dedication and d...

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The Beginnings of Female Education

Royal Decree from King Saud in 1960 initiates the following : "That female formal education will be accessible  to all girls around the country , and schools will be opened for them under the supervision of the (The General presidency for formal female Education) which will be headed by Sheikh Ibra...

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Eradication of Illiteracy

King Saud devoted his attention to adult education and, eradication of illiteracy which was limited at the beginning of his reign to the Makah and Al-Medina regions. In (1954) he ordered the establishment of a specialized department for adult education and eradication of illiteracy integrated within...

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Higher Education - Establishing the University of King Saud

King Saud devoted great attention to higher education. He started by establishing the first university in the Kingdom, the University of King Saud, which was opened according to a Royal Decree on 21/4/1377 H (1957). Classes started in it in the first year with one faculty, the Faculty of Arts, and...

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Increase in the number of schools and students

The Ministry of Education achieved record figures in terms of the number of schools and students. The Ministry, fully aware that schools were the main source of knowledge and culture and that in terms of the basic educational process, they were a second home, after their parental homes, for the ever...

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An introduction to the Public Education

King Saud believed that education creates national human resources. The welfare of this generation and the following generations depends on the achievement of economic development, which in turn, requires competent and educated men. Therefore, the late King devoted a great attention to education a...

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