First interview accorded to the press by King Saud after his accession to the throne


Q. What policy is His Majesty the King planning to adopt towards the United States and the West?

A. It is the same policy, already adopted by the late King, based on maintaining friendly relations with all countries and enhancing such relations according to the Charter of the United Nations.

Q. What is the attitude of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the oil companies operating in the country?

A. It is the attitude of equitable partners. We get our full dues from them, and give them concessions, protect them and grant them legitimate assistance and facilities. This policy shall be pursued with the objective of furthering our good relations with them.

Q. What is the policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the League of Arab States?

A. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a member of the League of Arab States which has been established to unite the Arabs into a strong regional bloc in order to assume their rightful position in the world. It is also an efficient organ in the free world, and seeks to promote peace and security, in accordance with its Charter. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall continue to fulfil its duties towards the League of Arab States with honesty and devotion in the interest of the Arab countries and of peace in the world.

Q. Would His Majesty like to comment on the conflict opposing Arabs and Israel in Palestine?

A. The problem of Palestine is clear-cut and straightforward and His Majesty the King fully supports the vested rights of the Palestinians. Israel has waged a flagrant aggression which should be curbed and terminated.

Q. Is the Saudi government planning to implement internal reforms?

A. The Saudi government has already implemented reform projects to promote the progress of the country and secure to its people a prosperous life. The King believes that his country is still in need of new projects. He shall focus his attention on the implementation of such projects which will contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the country and its people in the social, economic and cultural fields. Thus the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall assume its proper place among nations.

Q. Does His Majesty intend to retain the services of the American military mission stationed in the country at present? 

A. The American military mission is rendering its services and will continue to do so until the expiry of its mandate.

Q. Is there any evidence of communist propaganda in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? And if this is the case, what are the measures taken by the government to fight it?

A. There is no communist propaganda in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government does not allow its country to be a hotbed for such propaganda. We are intransigent in this regard. Regarding the strike staged by the oil workers last October, it was due to the workers' demand to improve their general conditions in the company. The strike was promptly stopped following the government's intervention. We hope to co-operate with the company to remove any cause of dispute.

Q. Would His Majesty like to address the world public opinion in general and the American public opinion in particular?

A. There is no change in the general policy of the state both within and without the country. The policy, laid down by the late King, is the sound policy that has contributed to the country's progress in the areas of security and justice, as well as in the political, economic and social fields.