Military Medals of Saudi Arabia

The Military Awards of Saudi Arabia:

First Series –obsolete:
- Order of King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
- The Star of King Saud
- National Military Decoration
- Efficiency Medal
- Medal of Merit
- Medal of Duty
- Medal of Appreciation
- Long Service and Good Example Medal
- Exceptional Promotion Medal
- War Wounded Medal
- Palestine Medal

Current Series
- Great Badr Collar
- Collar of the Order of Abdul Aziz Al Saud
- Order of Abdul Aziz Al Saud
- Order of Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz
- Medal of Merit
- Military Appreciation Medal
- Air Falcon Medal
- Naval Forces Medal
- Leadership Medal
- Bravery Medal
- Combat Medal
- Honour Medal
- Military Management Medal
- Security Medal
- Rescue Medal
- Teacher Medal
- Perfection Medal
- Invention Medal
- Shooting Medal
- Military Service Medal
- 1979 Holy Mosque Medal
- 1984 Exercise Island Crown Medal
- 1991 Liberation of Kuwait Medal
- Sports Medal (obsolete)


It was during King Saud‘s reign that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia instituted , either in 1954 or 1955 , its own series of Orders, decorations, and medals .This series of Awards consisted of the following ,

- Order of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud.
- The Star of King Saud.
- National Military Decoration.
- Efficiency Medal.
- Medal of Merit.
- Medal of Duty.
- Medal of Appreciation.
- Long Service and Good Example Medal.
- War Wounded Medal.
- Palestine Medal.

Limited numbers of the Order of King Abdul-Aziz and the National Military Decorations were manufactured by Bichay of Cairo – the hallmark1955/1956 appears on an example of the Order of King Abdul Aziz. It is not believed that many, if any, of the other awards were ever manufactured .It would appear that these awards became obsolete and eventually replaced by the current Saudi awards system 1n 1971.