The Warrior
The Warrior

“My Great Father and Master, has indicated to me upon my nomination as his heir to the throne, that my new role will only be rightfully administered by good deeds ,and in the service of God and our Nation.”
A saying by Crown Prince Saud

  • The Visit to Qatar in 1915


    Sensing the surrounding dangers and having his sons as by his side King Abdul Aziz sent in the same year, his son Saud, to the new Emir of Qatar, Abdallah Bin Kassim Bin Thani who took over after his father's death who in turn wasn't satisfied about the control of Abdul Aziz over Ihsa. The purpose o...  Read More
  • The Battle of Jarab in 1915


    The first battle in which Saud and Turki participated was the battle of Jrab, which took place near Zelfi. It was against Prince Hael Mataab Bin Al Rasheed, [in the year (1333H - 1915)] who entered the battlefield aggressively.  Saud at that time was thirteen years old and we couldn't find additiona...  Read More
  • The Battle of Yatab in 1918


    Saud's role in his father's Military expeditions (1336H - 1917A.D) It was obviously clear to King Abdul Aziz that the policies adopted in the region became more and more complex especially after the Ottomans decided to rally behind Germany in World War I and later the British attempted to rally t...  Read More
  • The Battle of Turba in 1918


    The political upbringing, education and training of King Saud as mentioned previously, and what will be mentioned later, represents part of the history of his father, King Abdul Aziz who cared about his son's education and watched over it personally. Thus, he informed him about the several complex o...  Read More
  • The Battle of Al-Khiras


    Saud played a role in the events after the battle of Turba. Thus, he attacked the rebels of the Atiba tribes that are under the leadership of al Khiras, who in turn is from the Sheikhs of Atiba, the supporters of the Sharif of Makkah, King Hussein Bin Ali. This attack was done in a place called Sh...  Read More
  • The Surrender of Hail in 1919


    Subsequently, provided with another independent command during the famous episode of the siege of Hail, first during 1919 and then during 1921, Saud played a crucial role in bringing this affair to a satisfactory conclusion, in keeping with his Father’s designs and objectives. Upon learning of Sau...  Read More
  • The Annexation of Al-Hijaz in 1924


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  • Al-Mahmal Incident in 1925


    Charge incident ( 1925 1344 e) During the summer (1344 e 1925 ) ask permission Saud and his father, King Abdul Aziz in the pilgrimage with him , and this was the first argument . And customs followed in the pilgrimage season that comes loaded Sharif from Egypt accompanied بعسكر and orchestra Egypt...  Read More
  • The War with Yemen


    THE WAR  with Yemen (1352AH/1934) King Abdul Aziz faced problems in foreign relations and new problems cropped up such as that of the borders with Yemen, which both countries didn't determine. This fact had caused the Yemenite Imam Yahya to fear the expansionism of King Abdul Aziz to the south. In ...  Read More