The Imam of Muslims
The Imam of Muslims

“This call for Islamic unity and cooperation is addressed to all our Muslim brothers, in order to unite Muslim nations under the banner of Islam and be an instrument to spread peace, security, and justice among nations of the world.”
Apart of King Saud’s annual speech to Pilgrimage during Hajj period.

  • Construction of Mosques

    1953 - 1964

    His Majesty King Saud was extremely involved in the affairs of Islam, and the expansion of the Holy Mosques, just as much as he was attentive to the matters of Islam and the Muslims. Daily newspapers mentioned daily donations for the construction or reconstruction of mosques in every part of the K...  Read More
  • Instructions to Deliver Drinking Water


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  • King Saud and the Islamic Conference


    'We have decided to fight for the Glory of God and, with our brothers in Islam, call to His straight path. Let those who are present inform those who are absent." King Saud had received the following message from the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, at the time M...  Read More
  • The Islamic League

    14 ذو الحجة 1381هـ 1962م

    Being concerned with unifying the Islamic nation, King Saud called for an Islamic conference in Macca in (1374 H- 1955) to discuss Muslim affairs, solve their differences and unite their ranks. The Islamic Governments welcomed the conference and its important goals; they convened in Macca in (1...  Read More
  • Islamic Conference in Makkah 1954

    1954 م،

    Muslims around the world answered the call forIslamic  conference called for by King Saud and it was was convened in the Holy city of Makkah , which recieved the delegations from all over the world in 1954. Among the delegations was Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Ghulam Mohammad the go...  Read More
  • Goals of The Islamic League


    Further to the Islamic conferences is work that aimed at giving concrete expression to the Islamic continuity and supporting Muslims stands, the Islamic conference held in Mecca on Dhul¬Hijja 14, 1381 H - 1962) decided to found the Islamic World League which aimed at spreading Islam explaining the...  Read More
  • King Saud Prayers at The Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem


    King Saud was interested with the issues of the Muslim world before and after ascending to the throne. The most important cause was the Palestinian cause, which was one of the most important issues that King Abdulaziz was interested in before him. He visited Palestine in (1935) and was the first S...  Read More
  • King Saud and the Palestinian Question


    Publisher : Arab News Thu, 5-9-2002 / 03:00 pm With Palestine and its problems in the news every day, it is important that we have some knowledge of its history and some understanding of how and why matters have developed as they have. In the following piece, Fahda bint Saud ibn Abdul Aziz re...  Read More
  • King Saud Contribution To The Second Restoration of The Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock


    In 1954, King Hussein ordered to form a committee for the restoration  of  the third  holyIslamic site in  Islam ,(the Aqsa  Mosque al-Sharif )and ,(the Dome of the Rock ). He issued a law , known as "the law of the restoration  of the Aqsa mosque, and the Dome of the "Rock No. "(32) in 1954 . ...  Read More
  • The Islamic University The Islamic University


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