The Crown Prince
The Crown Prince

“I Shall work hard in order to serve the word of Allah, our Islamic Sharia, and offer my counsel and service when and where ever it is possible to Islam and Muslims. Also the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice on all people equally.”
A saying by King Saud

  • The Creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    After crushing the resistance of the Ikhwan movement, King Abdul Aziz set out to give a legal frame work to his country and rule. Consequently, he gave the name of "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" to all the regions which he unified on (September 1932). Following this declaration, he started preparin...  Read More
  • Crown Prince Saud addresses the Shura Council


    "In the name of God, the merciful , the Compassionate. Praise to be god, and prayers and peace be upon the prophet, his kith, kin , compansions and followers. The reason for this meeting is frst and foremostfor the pleasure of meeting you and secondly to convey to you the following message from my...  Read More
  • King Abdulaziz's Advice to his Son Prince Saud After Appointing him as a Crown Prince


      Dear Son Saud :   I pray to Allah  to help you to support your future endeavours to perform your duties towards Allah and your people ,and to  understand that We are all subjects to his mercy and his blessings. My first advice to you is to  uphold the word of Alaah and Islam , and worshi...  Read More
  • The Reply of Crown Prince Saud to King Abdulaziz's Letter when he appointed him as a Crown Prince


    Crown Prince Saud reply to King AbdulAziz's letter (No. 221 ) in 19 Muharram1352 AH Your Majesty the King : "In answer to your letter number( 275 ) dated 18 Muharram 1352 , it was all what your majesty mentioned is the right thing to do, and it is  the strength of our religion and belief  in All...  Read More
  • A Royal Decree appointing Crown Prince Saud as a Prime Minister


    His Highness the Crown Prince and Chairman of the Saudi Council of Ministers   Royal Decree :   In the name of God the Merciful   Decree No. 5/ 19 /1/ 4288 and 1 Safar 1373 AH , with the help of the Almighty God ..   We Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman al - Faisal Saud, King of Saudi Ar...  Read More
  • Crown Prince Saud Daily Program


    Crown Prince Saud's special program is the same in summer and winter, and also during his travels.   He rises during the last third of the night before dawn to perform Fajjr prayers inside his palace Mosque", and then reads the some verses from Holy Quran,as our prophet(PBUH) said :"Allah desce...  Read More
  • Crown Prince's Children


    Crown Prince Qaboos Ochaabalh of Crown Prince keen bulks Moulay Prince Saud on his sons and the sons of the people and working hard to spread the science in the country, Saudi Arabia and directs special attention to raising the level of education among all classes. I have said in some of his speec...  Read More
  • Crown Prince's Speech at the Holy Mosque of Makkah


    Grand banquet at the Royal Palace   His Royal Highness Prince Saud, Crown Prince speech which he  delivered at the  grand banquet hosted by His Highness at the Royal Palace on Wednesday evening in honor of more than five hundred Hajj delegations :   "Dear Muslim Brothers: -   I greet y...  Read More
  • Najran's Battle


    King Abdul Aziz faced problems in foreign relations ,such as that of the borders with Yemen, which both countries didn't determine. This fact had caused the Yemenite Imam Yahya to fear the expansionof King Abdul Aziz to the south. In the year (1352H-1934), King Abdul Aziz sent two military expeditio...  Read More
  • The Assassination attempt of King Abdul Aziz


    No information yet.
  • The Official and Unofficial Visits of Crown Prince Saud


    After the appointment of King Abdulaziz to his son Saud as a Crown Prince in 1932, and Saud’s successful visit to Egypt in (1935), he decided to further his son’s  knowledge of the world by organising a world trip  to  meet with heads of states.  Earlier in 1932, the war with Yemen prevented the a...  Read More
  • The First Hajj On behalf of the King Abdulaziz


    The first argument in 1366 in which Knapp for His Majesty the King and his father What was knocking the ears of the people in Riyadh, the news of the intention of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Saud bulks travel to Mecca to perform the Hajj on behalf of His Majesty the King and his father's day on...  Read More
  • King Abdul-Aziz Growing Dependence On Saud in managing Country Affairs (/1938-1953)

    1938- 1953

    On the internal level Prince Saud believed that one of his responsibilities was to tour the country and visit every village and every tribe in order to personally get to know the needs of his people. However, he managed to realize his goal more than once during different stages of his life. Like his...  Read More
  • Articles about The Crown Prince

    Date unknown

    Articles about Crown Arabian Prince "Today" Arab prince who I mean is His Royal Highness Prince Saud, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not go out to the other meaning is located . Prince Saud is not the first second son of King Abdul Aziz , because his first son is Prince Zaki who...  Read More
  • Crown Prince's Speech at the Ceremony of Laying the Foundation stone of the Prophet PBUH Mosque in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara


    Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him and his family and companions ..   After I thank God Almighty , who according to His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to repair the building the mosque Quran an...  Read More
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