Chronological Events
Chronological Events
    The birth of King Saud in Kuwait 15/1/1902
    The first battle Prince Saud fought with his Father King Abdulaziz (Jirab) 1915
    First Political Mission to Qatar at the age of 13 1915
    At the age of sixteen he fought in the battle of Yaatib 1918
    He fought against the Shammar tribe in Wadi Shaaiba 1918
    He fought against the Utaibah tribe 1918
    He led the army to face Al Rashid family in the north of Najd 1921
    First pilgrimage of Saud to Makah 1925
    -“Al-Mahmal incident “, Saud’s intervention to end the dispute between the Ikhwan (Islamic Brotherhood) and the Egyptians in Makah 1925
    Saud’s campaign to annex Younboa' 1925
    First trip of Saud out side his country to Egypt 1926
    Saud’s appointment by his father as his Deputy in Najd 1929
    Prince Saud rules Najd 1932
    Saud appointed as a crown prince 1933
    The issuing of the first Saudi stamp in commemoration for his appointment as a Crown Prince 1934
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