The First Hajj On behalf of the King Abdulaziz

Date: 1366H

The first argument in 1366 in which Knapp for His Majesty the King and his father

What was knocking the ears of the people in Riyadh, the news of the intention of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Saud bulks travel to Mecca to perform the Hajj on behalf of His Majesty the King and his father's day on Monday in 6 -Hijjah 1366 AH . Even flocked from every direction to oversee bid farewell to His Highness in his palace higher, since early morning move behind the Royal consisted of Prince Crown and Royal Highnesses Princes valued , having held their ceremony to bid farewell to luxurious involving men of the palace and the heads of departments and senior officers and private guards and soldiers , dignitaries and notables and other classes of people that gathered in Riyadh and its airport and along the road connecting between them and on top of everyone Royal Highness princes valued chants his life was above until it reaches the sky .

While the concerts farewell official held in Riyadh was the city of Jeddah is preparing to receive the convoy of Prince Azim and his princes of the house owner and senior courtiers property, at the airport in Jeddah rallied people in crowds awaiting the arrival of aircraft Saudi Arabia, which at least cushion the Hijaz and media Levant, was attended to the airport heads of Jeddah and its senior staff and notables and face Iha and a delegation of heads of Mecca and senior Moziha and notables and وجهائها might as well delegation attended Alandnosy full council , also rallied umpteen different classes of people and lined up a handful of police and army personnel and the sons of schools and sports teams on both sides of the link road to the salon receiver, has Ezdan into this celebration flags of Saudi Arabia , which was fluttering on throughout the hotel , Vnbarhen so the world Ojmma that this information brought by the hands of Arab Jabara will remain raised to the sky publisher under prolonged above this الربوع holy forever , and the men of Jeddah Municipality Icherfot to arrange this celebration and maintain his regime, has been at the head of these revelers to receive the Crown Prince holy owners Royal Highness Prince Saud Ibn Abdul Rahman, Prince Khaled bin Abdul Aziz and Defense Minister Prince Mansour, HRH Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal , and at the fifth day in question arrived parade Crown Prince holy to Jeddah airport be afraid to receive his while coming off of the plane Royal Highnesses Prince Saud bin Abdul Rahman, Prince Khaled bin Abdul Aziz , Defense Minister Prince Mansour , Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal , led a group of policemen, military salute and sang the children of schools and the difference Sports spirited songs of welcome , and the voices and the sounds of clapping and cheering mixed voices echoed by defender space launch twenty-one gun salute to His Highness the Great.

He arrived together with Prince Saud from Riyadh to perform the Hajj holy number of Their Royal Highnesses the descendants of King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud bulks at the forefront , His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Turki , His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bin Turki , and Prince Saud bin Fahd , and Prince assistant Ben Saud and Prince Mohammed bin Saud, His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Saud , came with them, as well as the staff of the Office of His Majesty the King and they ( with the conservation titles ): Sheikh Ibrahim bin Association President Aldiavatt Diwan of His Majesty the King , Sheikh Upper concepts bin chopsticks head of the Office Badia Diwan His Majesty the King
And Sheikh Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri Assistant Secretary General of the Diwan of His Majesty and Commander Said your quality of Prime Royal Guard , and the entourage of His Highness Prince Saud, Crown Prince bulks were composed of the Honorable Senate and Gentlemen: Abdullah Al -Sadoun, Nayef bin Araar , and Solomon slaves, and Suleiman bin هذلول , and Saud bin Dgther , and Talha bin Araar , Abdul Aziz bin Aboud , as well as arrived together with his staff of his office for they are masters of the following names ( with the conservation titles ): Fahd bin Kredes head of the Office of his Highness, and his assistant, Mohammed bin Said , and Othman Altwaijri, Chief, Division of telegrams Diwan of his Highness, and Ibrahim bin Swelam bureau chief complaints Diwan of his Highness and Adib Nabg , professor Abdul Hamid diagnostic agent Authority head of public scrutiny in Riyadh, and Dr. Adib Antapi doctor his own , and the officer Mohammed Ant of his Highness military facilities , and the rest of the staff of the Office of his Highness and they ( with the conservation titles ) :

Musa bin Ttiyah , Khalid Khalifa translator Diwan of His Highness, and Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri, and Saud Al-Tuwaijri , Abdul Rahman Hamidi , Abdul Rahman Bin Sulaiman, and Abdullah bin Said and other gentlemen and princes Distinguished who تشرفوا accompanied Smwalamir Saud, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Riyadh to Jeddah and then to Mecca.

Having settled Basmoh primarily in the salon reception Airport Jeddah offers one preachers threw the hands of his speech welcoming , then flocked everyone to oversee peace on His Highness was May God protect him and kept him an asset to the Arab nation as a whole are met , including mushroom it from a kind face and Alaenas and morals -Semitism, and then addressed the audience Arabic coffee cups refreshments, and after the end of the concert lavish funeral of his ceremony graciousness adult and went on a car ownership followed by a convoy of cars eyeball to Highnesses princes valued to the Royal Palace Amer , in the entranceway led a group of soldiers defending aligned to his military salute , and when settled Basmoh place in the salon reception royal palace higher flow on the palace Almhen�n and Almrehon of the corps of political and foreign institutions and a team of men of the government and the Senate and dignitaries , and after that they were received by his Highness one after the other and thanked their patriotism and sincere devotion deep invited them to eat party food on his table .

After the end of this royal decrees usual wore Prince clothes Ihram and so did Highnesses princes and statesmen who will perform the Hajj holy this year, then went the Prince's car ownership from Jeddah to Mecca and his successor Highnesses Princes Vhashih his stones on a convoy of cars was police soldiers lined either m centers along the route from Jeddah to Mecca lead to his salute .

At the same time I was in Mecca was watching with my own eyes the attention of the people in Mecca Quran of the arrival of Crown Prince Malika beloved , you might period crowds mass of different people have lined up on both sides of the road from outside the door of Jeddah to the door of the Sanctuary , there was no place for the feet in this Grand Street , and the police and some members of the Saudi army maintain Alnzamuehiion the way for the royal procession so it passes safely , and at ten and a half day on Monday 6 Dhul Hijja 1366 AH . His Highness procession entered Mecca Vadt for his group of police lined Jeddah door at the entrance to Mecca military salute , and blared sports teams lined there Banascidha enthusiastic welcome , and Dot delay the votes of guns that fired twenty - one shots welcomed the arrival of His Highness .

Has walked from the entrance to Mecca the hands of his convoy of jeeps and motorcycles of the police , also led police soldiers lined in front of the door to peace for his military salute , and the crowd on both sides of the road rending Acfha applause and salutes emir of Qatar terms noble penetrate the atmosphere of space and was his reply to rallying cries and high تصفيقهم sharp hand stones and his smile bright and his face enlightening , and when it reaches his to the Sacred Mosque income from the door to peace as is customary liability in the ceremony of the pilgrimage and came from behind Highnesses princes esteemed men of note and staff on his right and his left your guard and walked the hands of his Agwat campus The service Bembakhr Tayeb , فطاف of his seven Grand House and prayed, then behind then walked to the place Safa pursued between them and Marwa seven runs walk on his feet and by Morocco on Monday said completed his his pilgrimage .

And then went procession His Highness to the royal palace and higher at the entrance led soldiers defense lined there for his military salute , was the voices of applause and cheers high greeting his penetrates the sky along the road from the entrance to Mecca to endeavor royal crowd of people of the country and the pilgrims , and that was of the finest manifestations of joy and beauty , as that Hijazi capital as was decorated with flags of Saudi Arabia brought all its departments celebrate Pthariq of His Highness the Crown Prince Saud holy Mecca .

After the Maghrib prayer dinner on the table for his royal palace higher a team of senior officials and dignitaries .

In the third hour of the second day (Tuesday) was held at the Royal Palace is also a reception Superior General welcomed His Highness Prince attended by heads of the Saudi government and its senior staff and elders of the nation Hijazi and وجهاؤها and representatives of all layers and dignitaries pilgrims and Oaaanam , and when completed contract everyone and sat down each and every one of them in his seat prepared him, accept them Crown Prince bulks in the salon reception year stood everyone in tribute to his Highness , and having settled Basmoh primarily managed at present Arabic coffee excellent and provide great poet Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Ghazzawi poet his Majesty the King and a member of the Shura Council threw in the hands of his poem tirade shred in dumping also excelled in its inception and Here we we publish in full text as follows:

{ Saud } whole Take and glory

And the { people } combines a { person }

Panting him { Butahaa } love

Hailing his name طربا and nothing more


If I were the Hijaz - The transmit

Him - and Dh brightened { we }

Flow of Roabiah him

And fill out the following thanked Hamad

It Bashosth appropriateness

And which of the dew hands Raghad

If Bader him in exactly

And the sun without Snah has

Tathelha Makarim Khaldat ,

In his people , extending Islands

Told by his talents links

And Azmath eggs and inventory

The largest - the children of the world - all

Penetrated Bzla Shipp is due

Processions of طلائعه see it

And do not have the horizon extent

Walked over to rest Tatar successively

And shook hands with a chandelier item

It boasts Bogzm of his father

- APA in a prepared crown انتظمت the

Nmth Gtarv Shams father

Them all an honor given

Did not depart thermoplastic entrusted him

Tma�mh block and block

How in the door jammed and delegations

Her Geshh Menhml supplement

How Qaad legions Darat

The bird's habits become

How many battles fought Damyat

Auasfha of Alsdwin RBD

How the sword - accept profane

Doomed strongholds in the Open must

How much in the shadows welcomed

Them from the hands of Rahman cold


Crown - and Wadhah natured

Touted the rule - a TAWD the

Did not depart - shining Aldeajy ...

And dictated his trip , lightning and thunder

Carried him the hearts Ngst him

Love a mechanism تحدو the

Owned air on Zia

Was Haall East contract

And how? And between Kevin fortunes

And the sacrificed المفتر the era

Sparkling in the forehead him Wadhah

As Wigley of the sheath Frend

Aerated { Oroba } in visions

It is what it wishes { prepared }

They have scuff cores us scourge

Sufficient that repel scoliosis

Oqlna earn imminent

The partnership unlike Ztrd a

If we need right hula { }

Hula - be set , and that the promise


For - and promised - even Tqdt the

Bnaljaj - { back } no longer

To Psonaha the long reluctantly

And measured by - Dhora - a listed

Enough is enough - your calling - and enough respondents

You governance , justice derives


And those { } I have a secretariat for the people

Oadaha to you - do not - want

Almost by جوانحه address

And Atvk may covenant - not limit

And still your { Alname } Tatar

And you seek conciliation and inadvertently

He lived { مليكنا } and his sons occurred

{ Hiblk } - Kara - eyed { Fahd }


Then submitted professor Fouad Shaker Tharifaty the royal palace and delivered a poem in the hands Smwalamir Saud met with admirable severe plaudits full and restored many Abyatea , followed by Mr. Mohammed Hussein Zedan Assistant Director of Administration pilgrimage general threw the hands of his sermon eloquent had a better impact in souls and was met with applause , then submitted professor Ziauddin Recep Associate Director of Endowments year threw the hands of his poem was a wonderful ability of pearls poetic timeless , then stop Dr. Mohamed Marei threw the hands of his poem expressed his sense of hospitality towards sovereign Majesty and his beloved and met with admiration and appreciation , then offer preacher House Orphans in Makkah student النجيب the Mr. Abdul Aziz Masoud threw the hands of his great speech was met well received , then offer after the famous poet Badawi forced Mr. Alian threw the hands of his great poem on his habit of diction had a good impact in the hearts of the audience , then stop drunken poet Mustafa threw a shred exquisite poem in dumping and won acclaim.

And then managed to present cups refreshments , then flocked to oversee peace on his he stood on his feet to accept it of them , including Mount it qualities noble Zalmzaya offices layer after another , the last layers officers of the Metropolitan Police and students of the orphanage in Makkah who Hzawa honor peace on his , فمروا between neonatal their standards for performers to his greeting system exquisite and gorgeous style , so this celebration ended , who oversaw the breeding Htnzimh His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah al-Faisal was a verse in the pomp and beauty and splendor .

The convoy was Prince Saud Crown bulks and Mahristit its Jalal and Kamal joy of pilgrims and decorated and a source of pleasure all the pilgrims and Agtbathm , in Wednesday's day on 8 of the month of Dhul Hijjah move passengers Highness higher of the capital, which is clothed in ihram on car ownership is behind Highnesses Princes valued Vhashith precious among the traditional and the north and behind your guard and everyone clothed in ihram on a convoy of cars ملبين مهللين until he reached his to Mona sued palace in Mecca where to be led by the five prayers as required by the Sunnah Muhammadiyah honest , and in the morning of the ninth day went procession Highness to Arafat went down the camp Royal them remained responsive مهللا early to be the sun so he headed then his motorcade High to a mosque by surprise and his income his door Azizy and led him Zuhr and 'Asr collectively Following the year honorable , Matma graciously Chief Justice Sheikh Jalil Abdullah bin Hassan Al-Sheikh and heard there sermon the value of the rituals of Hajj and its provisions were thousands consisting of pilgrims who attended there Zuhr and 'Asr crowd listening Elyhzh sermon by loudspeakers modern, and then went Highness and those with him to the Mount of mercy stood over the rock on which he was standing then the Prophet peace be upon him how it was wonderful this position great , who manifested his light and holiness Babahj image and wonderful photography, has remained Highness there with other pilgrims rest of the day humble God Almighty responsive speakers saying calling God Almighty invitations traditions that alienated sun that day, and then elaborated on his motorcade High Arafat followed by pilgrims to Muzdalifah , having led his there prayer becomes the tenth day stop بالمشعر no man's land that rose light so he headed his motorcade High to Mona where threw cinder Aqaba , having led his then مالزم of asceticism walked motorcade High to Mecca فطاف House Sacred ifaadah then returned to me and at the end of the second day of the days of al draws his Highness procession in all acts of argument a good example for pilgrims and a good role model for them.

After he finished pilgrims from performing فريضتهم holy HH Prince Saud, Crown Prince concert reception major in Mina to the delegations of pilgrims from various Arab countries and Islamic countries, has been Smwalamir Mansour, Minister of Defense shines himself on the organization , preparation and inspects affairs at full resolution has been prepared by special seats for the men of official and folk and Man each seat bears the name of its owner, was attended by notables pilgrims and princes of the provinces of the kingdom and heads of government departments and senior officials and dignitaries of the nation and representatives of all layers , and was at the forefront of those who attended by the delegations of Muslim countries, His Excellency Mr. Haider your Mardam Minister Plenipotentiary to Syria بالديار Hijazi hE Ahmed stage Pasha Amir Hajj Egyptian and members of the mission of honor Egyptian and then delegate Republic Alandonosah then ministers and commissioners Muslims of Arab countries and others, as well as men commissions Islamic , employees and heads of delegations Islamic Republic and its members , scientists, leaders and dignitaries from all Muslims of different races , and after that تشرفوا peace on His Royal Highness Prince Saud, Crown Prince bulks and congratulations by reaching the Hajj and Eid Al Adha and settled their place , progress in the hands of his Highness Mr. Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al - Ghazzawi poet of his Majesty the King and a member of the Shura Council threw a tirade poem aroused feelings and inflamed passion.

Then stop after Prof. Abdul Razzaq al-Homsi Prime Syrian mission and delivered a speech wonderful very beautiful mosque was met with applause and approbation full , then got the young writer a member of the mission Arabia in the Faculty of Arts, University of Fouad first in Egypt and delivered the poem exquisite have had a better impact in the hearts of the audience, and then managed cups refreshments for everyone and after a while stop Smwalamir and was succeeded by the audience of representatives of the United Islamic notables with balcony royal palace overlooking the arena , which reviewed by his army of Saudi Arabian , introduced in the hands of his first and Haddatt defense systemic led by His Royal Highness the Minister of Defense Prince Mansour was the whole military exquisite imposing Tstfatt catching , where he was wearing a suit Mushir (Marshall) was Almkrvon ( speaker ) explains to viewers in the halls of the palace and its precincts sprawling names and units of the army during the presentation according to their order first Firstly , namely: infantry, Valmadrat , Valmcefhat , Vsearat field artillery Vsearat artillery desert, Vsearat artillery , anti-tank , Vsearat anti-aircraft artillery , Vsearat machine guns Fasearat guns hand , Vsearat Red Crescent , Vsearat Workshop Industrial , has necessitated view this army his regime Budaiya and arranged Hassan impress all attendees and viewers who are thronging aspects yard display فامتلأوا enthusiasm , courage and pierced sky votes تصفيقهم and Htaffhm Army Saudi Arabian , and after he had finished viewing and defense units systemic offered police units passes the hands of the Crown Prince bulks arranged thus: infantry Division , he divided Mounted, he divided motorcycles ( motorcycles) he divided jeeps and upon inspection units and organize the traffic and after so Kaaredt units Mujahideen on his Bhaithm called ( Arda ) Arab led by the Arab Champions and Mphakm descendants of his Majesty the King are the owners of Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal, and Prince Faisal Ibn Turki , Prince Assistant bin Saud , Prince Mohammed bin Saud and Prince Abdullah bin Saud.

It was introduced everyone in their uniforms Arab beautiful they Athadon swords Almsalth bright and rifles excellent Ahzjohn Bonascidhm spirited Almbaheejh blended voices of the war drums that knock them تتقدمهم flag Arabia triumphant and have passed the flag in front of the Crown Prince bulks up cropped springs zeal of these Mujahideen brave Vachtdt movement and became prepare an enemy attackers and loud voices and تتابعت bullets from their guns and their position has become more like a battle stance attack comma provoking this wonderful view of the hearts of viewers and move them hardened تصفيقهم and Almighty Htaffhm for the Saudi Arabian Army Muzaffar and flag Saudi Arabia Mansoura . The Crown Prince was the holy period of this offer and stood with his hand precious of all Army units, which pass between his hands . At about five o'clock in the parade ended and took the audience to accept the Crown Prince 's hand bulks and leave and thus ended this great celebration .

And then left Prince Saud and footnote ownership precious Mina to Mecca , where preparations were held to celebrate the installation of the new door to the home to steal after the statute of limitations under the old door and taking in Altdeda and imbalance , He wanted His Majesty the King that includes feat benign to his exploits that countless in the service of Arabism and Islam ordered that the making of this new door at his own expense has been the making of this new door plates of pure silver adorned with inscriptions of Quranic verses letters and inscriptions of pure gold , and the two -door two great Snatan of pure gold is nicely wonderful unprecedented , has been covered with the sheet silver and golden letters and inscriptions of the boards Tayyip Oud Al Shatha which is purer types of perfume.

Has been installed this door in place sacred ceremony officially a great head of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Qaboos , who raised his hand precious this section and put in place Sharif in your binoculars , attended the celebration of His Royal Highness and Defense Minister Prince Mansour , and His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Al-Faisal , the Royal Highnesses princes valued sons Crown Prince bulks, and scientists , led by Grand Chief Justice Sheikh Abdullah bin Hassan Al-Sheikh and the virtue of Mohammed bin Ibrahim bin Abdul Latif Al -Sheikh and Sheikh Omar bin Hassan Al-Sheikh and the rest of Al -Sheikh, His Excellency the Director General Knowledge Shaykh Muhammad ibn blocker and princes of the provinces and president servants of the Kaaba first and second with Sdntha Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Director of public Security and the Director of Awqaf General and the staff of the Grand Mosque and the service Aawath and heads of delegations and missions Islamic and dignitaries from the pilgrims.

The Department of Awqaf General to organize this great celebration and the preparation of the program and invited to the good of the invitees do . When arrived Crown Prince holy to the door of the Grand Mosque led him there is a group of police salute entered the Grand Mosque and walked in his hands Aghwat and the staff of the Grand Mosque Bembakhr good until Align the door of the Kaaba and sat in front of him with reverence Tam and sat behind him invited and Aptdit concert first with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by famous reciter Sheikh Siraj Garot , then the Crown Prince prefer bulks Hear present attractive area suffering the sins of his great great was the best effect in the hearts of listeners and Here we publish the full text of the letters one of the memory and history :

My loyal and delegations of the House of God :

Greet you with a greeting of Islam and Praise be to Allah who honored his service and honored to put this door to this old house . This is the virtue of God from us and such a feat of the exploits of His Majesty the King 's parents Majesty , may God protect him and kept him .

And I ask God in this great attitude that makes our work all purely for the destination and to accept from us and from you and to stress on our sister Egypt and other Muslim countries and to help us and you to what he loves and which pleases Him . Peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings .

Then threw Sheikh Abdullah Shaibi Asadn second House of God speech eloquently praised the بمآثر His Majesty the King and sealed TB to His Majesty and His Highness the Crown Prince and all the members of the royal family was on its impact on Prof. Ziauddin Recep Associate Director of Endowments year threw word نثبتها literally because they are talking about Join the door of the Kaaba binoculars and refers to the developments and coups that have occurred on this door the door of the Kaaba binoculars to indicate developments and coups that have occurred on this section .

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds , and prayers and peace be upon the prophet and his family and all his companions.

يامولاى have , God willing , voluntarily bounty and generosity that alternate Mahamd in the pages of Saudi Crown prosperous and , following exploits and feats. What of Mokarrameh سلفت nor pride ago , but history will repeat itself again Vttgly not bright with him in the record of the immortal hero work Majesty Maulana and the holy father .

Your Majesty on this day since three hundred and twenty-two years ago is Sultan Mradjan , the son of Sultan Ahmed Khan to Egypt that makes the Kaaba new pope . Appointed to Egypt so Prince Radwan your architectural and added him Joseph architect architectural اذذاك Vousela to Mecca in the season that year . Then what was the seventeenth of the first month of spring in 1045 came to the Kaaba and open all Shaibi door Flqoh the the boarded other stead Baba of wood it was nothing of ornament , but it a white cotton dress . On Tuesday, the nineteenth 19 of the month proceeded to create a new door , and rode him Ornament door before, and wrote it Sultan Mradjan son of Sultan Ahmad Khan and rode the new door بمحفل Hazrat Amir of Mecca and Shaykh al -Haram and the servants of the house bulks and senior scientists and Senate , as well as on Thursday, 20 Ramadan in 1045 and sent the old to Alsultn door Mrazkhan based on his command .

In this Thursday renews history Virtue bone of His Majesty the King holy Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal Al-Saud , who is making this section of the Kaaba supervisor , and in this day reflected honor position in this celebration, which is headed by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Moulay Prince Saud bulks which puts precious , who puts his hand this historic exploit religious timeless.

For he who greatest exploits may order the His Majesty the King of the biggest manufacture of this section supervisor and manufactured in Mecca supervising with Makiya assumed workmanship hands and enjoys the privilege of developed and installed by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , then praise be to God for the blessing and bounty. This is a new door supervisor Trassah Quranic verses noble embroidered them as you can see Dear Sirs present in this order , which اتلوه before you : (In the name of God the Merciful . , And fear God , who be gathered together. God made the Kaaba Sacred House , standing for the people. Say the Lord of me logged entrance sincerity and me out exit Believe and Mark Lee of dengue authority helper. there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of God. Say ياعبادي who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair of God's mercy that God forgives all sins he is Forgiving, Merciful. wrote Lord on Nevsa compassion. said Lord call me Respond to you. ordered the making this section of His Majesty King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud , King of Saudi Arabia. ).

In conclusion, we raise palms الضراعة to God to يمتع the Islam and Muslims, long life His Majesty the King Maulana , and to protect its strongholds of religion , and supports the dignity and victory and enabled , and Acla into sponsorship that never sleeps his sons and grandsons in Miami .

And after subsequent professor beautiful Ashe verses from the Quran , and when the completion of tell it made ​​the Crown Prince bulks, rode a door of the Kaaba is wide between the lullaby invitees and Islamic masses huddled and Tkberhm entered his Kaaba and entered him Highnesses Princes valued and heads of delegation of Islamic scholars and by the people and stayed his period in the middle of the Kaaba God calls calls blessings singled out a lot of Muslims in the East and West of the world and then left his Kabah supernatant and then prayed seven vendor lock of Abraham and due مشيعا the as much as they received it from the ceremony luxury graciousness .

And then established the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Crown great dinner luxury usually held each year in honor of the delegations of the house of God, has called for what ينيف about five hundred men of the heads of delegations and official missions and characters pilgrims eminent scholars and Adba�hm and Mndeboit Islamic missions and representatives of the States Arab and رجالاتها and the leaders of the Arab nation and the cars, property modern movement of invitees who do not have private cars to the Royal Palace of Higher at Salon reception was men palace and footnote property greet guests and Ijlsounam in the seats reserved for them and they look the spirit of democracy sincere on the faces of everyone, " and the men of the royal palace traveling between invitees in order to achieve their desires and meet their demands even for each individual feels he sat in his house between his family and his clan.

After they managed Arabic coffee announced over the loudspeakers placed in the living room and balconies that come forward from the dining room and each of them takes place around the table property ... Moments later honor of His Highness the Emir and Heir Apparent holy Salon food and exported the table and he was sitting on his right and his left senior invitees and supervision has been elaborated by His Highness Prince Saud on the table of forget it and amenities that meditate on the year everyone thanks and praise to God Almighty who created this nation Arab Islamic decent men افذاذ like these great to lead the pace towards runways civilization and glory.

After the guests finished eating again returned to the salon lavish reception and took their places in it, and they managed Precious Arabic coffee mugs . Then submit the presence of His Excellency the Minister of State and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Yusuf Yasin professor gave the Crown Prince 's speech great, and I do not publish the full text of the memory and history :

Dear Muslim Brotherhood

I greet you on behalf of His Majesty the King 's parents , and on my own behalf .

Greet greeting of Islam, and I applaud the Achkaskm precious Muslims all over the world , and I thank God who guide us and you to perform Hajj in response to the command of Allah , in response to the call of Abraham Hebron, peace be upon him , and following the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad r has imposed upon us Ag his mercy from him and , as well , to collect our word on worship and Aaakhi us to obey him and compose between our hearts in love ( to witness the benefits to them and mention the name of God in the days of information on what a living beast, cattle ) and any benefit to the greatest that loves hearts of Muslims to this old house to know each other in God and Ataahdoa to work the book of God .

In such a Great Society was the Messenger of Allah r calling people to unify their Lord, and know , and like him he gave the Messenger of Allah his sermon during the Farewell Pilgrimage was a guidance for converts , as well as he did his successors adults Amahdion after him , as well as درجنا in followers, was His Majesty 's parents may God protect him , as we have been calling of God in such situations, the great and the Ntnasah and Muslims to work the book of God and follow the guidance Messenger of Allah and the first thing that we call him is Madea the Messenger of Allah r dedication worship God alone, not worship except Allah and do not call , but God does not involve him in worship others ( said my prayer and my sacrifice and Mahyay and die to Allah, Lord of the Worlds is not a partner , and so I ordered the first of the Muslims ) call upon Muslims in this position great renounce all that contravenes God's command and Atoassoa including patience and piety, derive help from God to help us and يؤيدنا and take our own hands what pleases Him, Glory does not count the praise you including facilitated us to do بطاعتك in your home land, and we praise Him for what has given us the strength and determination to تأمنت ways in this valley blessed , and we ask that gives us the strength and success in work every Mayshl is Hajj pilgrims home , and ask Him to help us to serve the people of this country who are our hearts and the hearts of them live with them and live with us as the boy lives with his father and the father with his sons .

Dear Brothers :

The joy fills my heart when I see the Muslim masses عزهم and Saddhm and Arab homelands and their country to be them and not to others Vimta the people of each country by the grace of their country.

God wanted to meet Arab word on the establishment of the University of them was the will of God in a meeting that university , and We all Nrmgaha the hearts and Ndhud them and the principles of all our strength. And each of you knows its endeavor and we and the rest of the Arab countries are working hard behind the reach Mainbga and want .

I do not want to specifically in this situation the question of Palestine mentioning alone every issue for Muslims issue for us and every issue of the Arab cause permanent us work to reach our goals.

In conclusion, I ask God to accept us and from you and يردكم to your homes safely and help us God to meet you in this country many times and that God raises anguish that solution Bashqiktna Egypt and that brings us together in this country secretary محفوفين consent of God and in the presence of His Majesty the father of King and that is difficult Muslims, Arabs and ينصرهم on their enemies and peace .

After that ended His Excellency Sheikh Yusuf Yasin of delivering this speech values ​​rose Mr. Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Al Ghazzawi threw the hands of his tirade poem had its impact in the hearts of the audience.

And then got up poet Arabs Grand Sheikh Fuad Pasha al-Khatib threw the hands of his poem Glue was a verse in the mastery and magnificence has been met from the audience applause and recovered Abyatea repeatedly, and then stop the professor Fouad Shaker threw verses of poetry was, in fact melodies wonderful magic statement and having finished professor Fouad Shaker thrown to the audience managed Incense Burners promises good and Qmagm rose water and then everybody peace oversees his and Anasravo of mourners including received with hospitality and Honour.

On the second day I was with my colleague Mr. Abdullah Arif professor newspaper owner
( Country, Saudi Arabia) on our way to the royal palace Amer interview Highness Crown Prince Saud to take him some of the questions that concern the public opinion the Arab and Muslim , and we got the palace until we found open Muftha receives thousands of visitors who came to Ihzawa see Prince up close and Acservoa peace it, the corridors of the palace and the ripple room as the sea rich Bhaggag House of God , who make up the various classes , there is no difference between one of them after he equated the Islamic religion among them, and after that Tsawoahm themselves in the court of Al-Saud.

The Crown Prince was in place from the Council Chamber shaking hands with these thousands smile are all Khala�fah submitted a higher place .

Not occupied Ahtmahh Bzoarh for its huge large , it was his distracted Affairs Bmalld the precision and vigilance, Fterah whispering to head his office , or private secretary or secretary Brkieth or employees of his office باوامره , at the same time that his answering journalists, and representatives of radio stations , It is different diameters and races and languages ​​who came out of when Prince they يلهجون mention this personal ابصروا Akram creatures, and the noblest qualities that made his place at the same every Arab and Muslim and left at the same patrons valued customers, the most beautiful effect that returning him to their country and they are happy to perform the Hajj, and to appear between Lady Oedm the the English monarch after beloved island .

In this atmosphere, the wonderful majestic peaceful people , Alaenas and tolerance , honor the centenary in the hands of his name e - Syrian Muslim.

After soothing me his gesture to the first question , saying :

It was a comfortable pilgrims this year , what great grandfather reason for this?

Said Prince : the credit in the comfort of pilgrims this year, is God Almighty , which facilitated the reasons to secure their comfort and allowed us to implement the sort of projects that seen implemented by His Majesty the father of King bulks, have been some of the business, and has had the effect of in the comfort of pilgrims , thankfully , and will be , God willing ... The Grace of God will take place , other projects that will comfort the pilgrims and the country 's progress , and these things are going according to developments in economic conditions , was the presence of a sufficient number of cars affected in the comfort of the pilgrims and the number will increase , God willing. It was a combination of state employees , and members of the public in that each one of them duty impact in securing the comfort of pilgrims .

I said: Your Highness has done this year 's first trip to America , what is your goal and what he saw Your Highness as seen by the effects of civilization . !

He said His Highness : "America country great, and my trip it affairs related to service the Arab countries, and we have not become accustomed to speak as we do and will know the Arabs and Muslims when the time is right , we have seen the effects of urbanization and progress, what is known at all, and we take all countries , what is good for our country and have a useful , and is consistent with our systems and traditions. "

I said: What is the position of the Arabs of Palestine if I want to be divided . !

He said his : "The Arab position on the issue of Palestine apparent, and the Arabs will not deviate from their views , and how it can change the man himself , the Palestine Arab , how to be transferred to another form, this did not occur in the history of mankind and the Arabs are determined to proceed with her ​​to the end . "

I said: Does Your Highness word allow a project of Greater Syria !

He said His Highness : " has shown Arabs mentioned in this project clearly , requires the to return , and I am sure that the issue of Palestine is that the disposal of the Arabs all of them, all them otherwise to be one hand , in defense of the imminent danger in Palestine."


Imam book fair edited by Abdul Hamid al - Khatib

Imam book fair