The Creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Date: 1932

Author: KSW

After crushing the resistance of the Ikhwan movement, King Abdul Aziz set out to give a legal frame work to his country and rule. Consequently, he gave the name of "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" to all the regions which he unified on (September 1932). Following this declaration, he started preparing the steps in order to announce his son Saud as the future crown prince of the country, after he proved him self    worthy of the succession of his father because of his many qualities of wisdom, courage, and leadership. Hence, his appointment as the heir apparent generated the approval of the family members, tribal Sheikhs, religious Ulamas and the citizens of the country. The official newspaper "Oum Al-Qura" published on the 25th of May (1933) an article about the ceremony  of pledge of allegiance to Prince Saud in the holy mosque of Makah The article described  the  attendance of  his uncle Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Rahman and the role he played in preparing for this historical  ceremony which took place after King Abdulaziz broadcasted a royal decree from the Privy Council in Jeddah on the 16th  of Muharram (1352/ 1933)announcing his choice for a crown prince and asking   from his subjects  to pay allegiance to Prince Saud. Prince Saud was in Riyadh at the time of the ceremony preparing for   his new responsibility which he carried for twenty years and coincided with the beginning of a new phase of economic development manifested by the discovery of oil in the year (1932) at a time when the Kingdom was experiencing economic difficulties and scarce resources from hajj revenues. This new period enabled the government to begin organizing it’s administrative and financial system and transform gradually from a tribal society to a more modern society which imposed a new way of life for the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula.
These changes took place during some of the most complexed times in a new transformed society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which King Saud carried the burden of and played a key role as a crown prince under the supervision of his monarch and father.

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