King Abdulaziz's Advice to his Son Prince Saud After Appointing him as a Crown Prince

Date: 1932-05-13

Author: King Abdulaziz

Dear Son Saud :
I pray to Allah  to help you to support your future endeavours to perform your duties towards Allah and your people ,and to  understand that We are all subjects to his mercy and his blessings.
My first advice to you is to  uphold the word of Alaah and Islam , and worship him  in prosperity to find him  in distress, and devote your efforts  to the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to save your self and people the hardships of life.
Second, you have to find and strive to serve your subjects , and advise  them both in public and private. And be just in your love and hatred, and  in the administration of  law among your people.
Thirdly, you should look after   Muslims interests in general , and those of your  family . Treat them equally and justly , and consider their elderly as your parents , their adults as your brothers, and their youth as your children .
Make them happy, forgive their mistakes ,advise them , and fulfill their wishes .
If you understand well my advise to you , you will be a good ruler blessed by Allah.
My advice to you is to respect and take care  of  Muslim Ulama . Be in their presence to learn from them .
This is my advice to you , and the rest will reach you later .
People of Hijjaz will swear their allegiance to you next Monday , and your brother Faisal will receive it on your behalf , and will come to  deliver it to you with other members of the family , who will pay their allegiance to you by them selves .