Crown Prince's Speech at the Holy Mosque of Makkah

Date: 1947-11-04

Author: King Saud

Grand banquet at the Royal Palace
His Royal Highness Prince Saud, Crown Prince speech which he  delivered at the  grand banquet hosted by His Highness at the Royal Palace on Wednesday evening in honor of more than five hundred Hajj delegations :
"Dear Muslim Brothers: -
I greet you on behalf of  my father , His Majesty King Abdulaziz  and myself .. I greet all of you with the Islamic greeting (Alsalam Alaykum ) . I welcome all   Muslims from  the Eastern and the Western Hemisphere , and thank  Allah who blessed  us all  to perform Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam .in response to the prayers  of Prophet Ibrahim, (peace be upon him),and following the Sunnah of  our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) , we Muslims gather here to perform the rituals of Hajj , which Allah commanded us to perform  , in order to plead for his mercy, so he ordered us to perform it, to forgive our sins .Hajj is performed   in few days , and it is an opportunity for Muslims to get together and exchange views about their concerns , and unity .  
The  Messenger of Allah  (PBUH), called  people to  worship only Allah , and  get to know him through the Quran , and follow his prophet s teachings (PBUH), and all his messengers.
It is  my father ,His Majesty , King AbdulAziz may Allah protect him, has made us all in this nation follow the doctrine of Islam and exchange its teachings with the fellow Muslims .
Not to forget the mission of the Arab League to unite Arab countries togather  , and fight to liberate Palestine,and other countries under occupation .
At the end of my speech , we pray to Allah to bless all Muslims , and their cause to raise the word of Islam .