Crown Prince Saud addresses the Shura Council

Date: 1933-05-11

"In the name of God, the merciful , the Compassionate. Praise to be god, and prayers and peace be upon the prophet, his kith, kin , compansions and followers. The reason for this meeting is frst and foremostfor the pleasure of meeting you and secondly to convey to you the following message from my father, his Majesty the Great King:
"We are confident that you are well aware of the fact that we have never questioned your sincerity, devotion or love. You must have read in the press about the so-called Hijazi constitution; it was spurious information for which, we are certain, you bear no responsiblity for we know the Hijaz citizens, communities and people in general. We trust them and place our confidence in them because we have never jeopardized their well-being. On the contrary , we have always sought to promote their interest and prosperity. We do not claim perfection but we are pursuing our course diligently and we expect to find light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that most of the employees in the different government departments and institutions in all the Saudi villages and cities are Hijazi citizens is but a testimony of the confidence and faith we have in you. We believe that this is dictated by the general interests that links the ruler to his subject and by the spirit of co-operation that aims to promote this kingdom which we have established by the strength of our swords without any publicity. This one of the blessings of god who has enabled us to be custodian of the holy mosque and work for the promotion of the well-being of its people and neighbours - a task to which you will certainly contribute. You shall witness the progress and prospersity of the country in the interest of your present life and in the Hereafter, God willing. If there is any shortcoming from any party, it should never be attributed to spite or malevolence because we do not allow unjust treatment to any of you. All those who suffer from injustice or who wish to advise us on any issue, are welcome to approach us privately or in public because we are your rulers who have full confidence in you, our loyal subjects and we wish to co-operate with you to promote the well-being of the country. Our lives are interlinked for better or for worse. This is our opinion of you which by the grace of god, shall never change. Our work will vear testimony to our good intentions and aspirations for progress and development, God willing.
"I would like to assure you that the men we have in your government headed by my brother Faisal, Mansour and Abdullah Al Faisal, bedsides the Minister of Finance, Abdullah Al Sulaiman, and the other ministers are but a liasion between us. They convey to me information that boosts my feelings of pride in and love for you. I would therefore like to assure you and I swear by God that I never believed you could be involved in the above issue either secretly or publicity because we think logically and can arrive at the truth. We are not ignorant people who are easily misled or misguided. We know that there are people who like to create problems and stir up trouble, and we are well aware of their intentions and false allegations which we denounce because our endeavours are guided by good faith, disregarding the allegations of schemers and opportunists.
"We wish to draw your attention to one last point. If evil-doers, motivated by their ill intentions, try to frame you by their false allegations, it is your duty to be vigilant and not get involved as you have rightly done. False allegations, however, are short-lived and we work in close co-operation to maintain security and allay the fears of the people of this country.
"Our aim is to advise you and provide you with a sense of security because of our high consideration towards you, and look forward to a prosperous future for you and for our country.
"May the almighty support the Muslims in their endeavours to uphold their religious and spread the Islamic Call.

His Majesty King Saud Ibn Abdel Aziz Al Saud , Monarch of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
1373 H (1953) - 1384 H (1964)
By Dr. Saleh Aoun-Hashem Al-Ghamdi 
Page 159 - 160