The Palestinian question through King Saud speeches

Date: 11/12/2017

Author: Ksw

1 - "I do not want to specialize in this position the issue of Palestine singled out alone, every issue for Muslims is an issue for us and every issue for The Arabs is an issue for us , we are always working to achieve our goals. "

Crown Prince of Muslim Pilgrims 1952.

2 - From Morocco to Egypt, and from the shores of Palestine to the borders of China, Muslims suffer various difficulties and troubles, meet the threats in various aspects, call to swipe away harm, and shout everywhere; to rise in the face of aggression."

Crown Prince on Eid Al Fitr.
(Umm al-Qura No. 1469, 14 Shawwal 1372 / 25 June 1953)

3 - This treachery and injustice created the Zionist cancer in the body of the Arabs, and the body of Islam, in addition to the aggression that Muslims and Arabs are facing everywhere in the east and west. All these are test from God, to distinguish the malignant from the good; and to know those who believe and the hypocrites. And we can strengthen our faith, with God's power, we can unite our word, we are patient to endure hardships, we can ignore what our enemies give us to break up our word; so that they are making us kill each other, and our enemies look at us from behind the curtain laughing. I call on Muslims and Arabs to do so, and I call upon myself to work with all Muslims and Arabs and to cooperate in every aspect to unify our goals. We have no goal but to protect ourselves, to prevent the evil of those who want to attack us. We have joined us in our Arab Unity"

King Saud to the pilgrims in Makkah.
(Umm al-Qura No. 1526 on 7 Dhu al-Hijjah 1373 corresponding to 6 August 1954).

5 - This treachery and injustice created the Zionist cancer of the Jews in the body of the Arabs, and the body of Islam, was the pressure on Abla, next to that aggression that Muslims and Arabs in the face of the earth and most of them. All sins are test from God, to distinguish the malignant from the good; and to know those who believe and teach the hypocrites.

King Saud 's speech to the pilgrims: Umm al - Qura, No. 1526, 7 Dhu al - Hijjah 1373, corresponding to 6 August 1954).

6 - "On the one hand its impact on the weak and the high cost of living on the layers of the people, which I sponsored as my soul and my children,
Second: Import delays due to lack of hard currency, and lack of access to them for many reasons. The first reason you know that the attack on sisterly Egypt, we cut oil and flow to the commercial markets of Bahrain and Saudi ports, which cost the treasury of the state something significant. Second, the closure of the canal due to the effects of aggression, which made the import difficult from distant countries.

Umm al-Qura No. 1669 on 9 Dhu al-Qa'da 1376, corresponding to 7 June 1957) King Saud's speech at the economic conference in Jeddah

7 - "The problems of Muslims and Arabs are not hidden on one of us, these are our brothers the people of Palestine, is still refugees in the open"
"There are conspiracies and clandestine clandestine and publicized enemies of Islam and the Arabs of world Zionism, which ridiculed the forces of colonialism all over the globe for their interests and purposes, and took control of the great powers; to force the Arabs to recognize this rapist for rape, and to confess to the criminal his crimes. The Zionist movements recently maneuvered against an Arab steamer, thinking that they would understand their purposes with dances and conspiracies, and found us in a single row, resisting all our forces, this vicious aggression, and these open conspiracies, and they retreated on their heels when they found that the Arabs when adversity and tribulations one hand, What calls for proposal to do their duty is answered Hapen and Glenn

King Saud 's Speech to the Pilgrims in Makkah

"We all know that cancer, which was established in the body of the Arab countries, was the most horrendous history known of criminality, where the murder and displacement of nearly one million Arab Muslims from Palestine, that cancer is the Zionists of the Jews, whose history has known their crimes from ancient times until today, They are preparing for a new aggression against the Arab countries, represented by their repeated attacks on the borders of the neighboring Arab countries, which in their present situation not only threaten the neighboring Arab countries, but also threaten the Arabs in the countries of the world. To say more, they threaten Islam and Muslims in Train all the earth, and we are workers with Arab countries, and with whom they agree with us from Muslim countries to defend ourselves against this aggression, God Nasserna Bholh and strength. "

Opening Speech of King Saud First Session of the Council of Ministers in Riyadh, 1954.

9 - "God has facilitated us to contribute to the work of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and we are ready to make and contribute to the return of the construction better than, God willing, while preserving, and protect and guard him, equal to the Arabs, and helps us from our Muslim brothers.

King Saud 's speech to the pilgrims of Mecca in 1956

10 - "And then the Arab peoples deep darkness, the wound is far-reaching, the damage is in our eyes and the consideration of every fair issue of religion and honor and interest, but the issue of survival or the courtyard has been able to Zionists in the absence of time and darkness of the night to take away some of the politicians of colonialism, Balfour "and then with their influence and influence in the parliamentary elections in Britain and the United States turned this statement to the State of Israel was in the Arab countries, such as cancer in the human body to breathe poison in all its members and spend the sleep of his children have displaced the people of Palestine and seized their property and money and deprive them of their heritage and soil The bones of Ab Allegiance 'and grandparents' homes ancestral where even become a burden on the people Ataktefhm hunger and disease in the world, and became the whole racket in the proverbial misery and ill immediately.

And we see the creation of God to be among them who do not see the issue of the Arabs in Palestine and the apparent right to Zionist aggression and blatant injustice.

We, as Arabs, have the right to ask only that people put themselves in our position and imagine for a moment that they are among us to feel the enormity of our tragedy and the misfortune of our Nakba in Palestine and then with our deep pain and bloody injury and our constant burning of what our Palestinian brothers have been going through in this ordeal. In a small part of Britain or America, the world stood up and promised to fight the world in order to uphold the right and to bring injustice to those who created this evil disease in the body of the Arab countries, if they wanted peace and peace for this sensitive part of the world to recognize what they committed injustice and treat it with effective means and medicine. To seek the investigator to heal immediately and reception not in failed attempts to find a reconciliation between the Arabs and the Zionists, can not be done since there is no Arab being in the veins of blood Arabism accept such a reconciliation at the expense of the Arabs will not be done, God willing .. "

King Saud speech on the occasion of the first year of the throne of the country 1954

11- His Majesty went on to talk about the question of Palestine. He said that whoever overthrew Palestine and enabled the enemy to rape what was raped from its territory is improvisation and lack of sincerity. Then His Majesty said that there is no enmity between us and the Jews if they abandon the homes they raped and returned to their families. "The Zionist threat, such as cancer, is only for eradication, and I repeat that we are here in Saudi Arabia. We will not hesitate to make every effort to achieve the desires of the Arab peoples."

Rabi 'Al Thani, 1373 - January 1954) King Saud's speech to the American delegation.

12. "As for Israel, we regard it at any time as a state and we do not know of its existence as a legitimate entity, but consider its establishment on the land of the Arabs and the displacement of the people of Palestine as an aggression against all humanity."

King Saud speech on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the throne of the country 1958.

13 - "I call upon the human conscience in every American as much as these meanings to think a little about these millions of Arab refugees who have been displaced from their country to inhabit other people ... What is the guilt of the Arab women, their children and their elders? What is their guilt to deprive them of the holiest thing they can enjoy? A man in the world, the homeland, the house, the farm and the family, and live in peace. "

His Majesty the King sends a serious speech to the American people in 1954

13- King Saud declares his readiness to reach an agreement with the Allies to settle all political issues provided that they agree on the resolutions of the Conference of Arab Foreign Ministers and remind everyone that the most important thing in the decisions is the conference of Arab foreign ministers. The United Nations and the settlement of Arab issues in accordance with the principle of freedom of peoples and here we are concerned to say that there is no Arab one is not like this position, which was clarified by the Saudi monarch.
"His Majesty King Saud announced that the Israeli aggression on Gaza on 28 February last is proof that Israel does not respect any agreement and any covenant and that Saudi Arabia supports Egypt in any action for the Arab interest"

The suspension of newspapers on the last statement of His Majesty the King 1954

14. "We will not recognize Israel and then he said," Why do not we sacrifice our ten million millions to live and we retain our pride and respect for ourselves?

"The Arab countries will not hold direct talks with Israel because we will not recognize them. The Arabs lost Palestine in 1948 because they were not united and were not sincere in their actions and efforts," he said.

That he said: Israel is a serious wound in the body of the Arab world and will not ease the pain of this wound forever. We will not be impatient for Israel to remain and occupy a part of Palestine for a long time. "

Serious Talk to King Saud No Direct Talks with Israel 1954

15 - "the sound policy of improving our ties with all nations as long as we are peaceful and not exceeding our rights and to cooperate fully and fully with all the Arab countries on the basis of our Arab University working to strengthen our common defense and our comprehensive solidarity to return the Awadi from our Arab world to gain the freedom and independence of all countries Arab, which has not yet completed its independence or did not enjoy its freedom, such as Algeria and Oman, and to recover the part of the fall from our Arab homeland Palestine and responded to what has diminished from our borders Saudi Arabia "

King Saud speech on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the throne of the country in 1959

16. The following is the text of the official statement issued by Sheikh Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Fadl, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (His Majesty King Saud expressed great interest in the provision of the Ambassadors of America and Britain their credentials in Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv). The resolutions of the UN and the decision of the two previous governments - that if the Government of Israel moves to Jerusalem they will not recognize this transition.
London - His Majesty King Saud of Saudi Arabia has sent a personal protest to Britain against the presentation of its credentials to Jerusalem by its new ambassador to Israel instead of Tel Aviv.

King Saud 's protest speech against America and England, 1954

17. "Our foreign policy is to work closely with the brotherly Arab countries in the pursuit of what all Arabs are committed to, adhering to the Charter of the Arab League, exerting all efforts to recover our rights to the Palestinian Arabs, Algeria, Oman and the Arab South."

King Saud's speech at the inauguration of the Council of Ministers after taking office on 18 November 1960

18- His Majesty King Saud concluded by saying: I have faith and certainty that as long as the ranks unite and the Arab countries unite, the great Arab issue, Palestine, will be resolved and the Palestinian refugees will return to their country, God willing.

King Saud's sermon "in which we must sacrifice even our blood to preserve the Arab entity" 1955

19. "Our foreign policy is a clear policy based on our adherence to the Charter of the Arab League, supporting the brotherly Arab countries, standing by them and winning the cause of our brothers the Arabs of Palestine and helping them with all we can to restore their stolen rights."

King Saud 's speech on the occasion of the passage of seven years on the throne of the country 1960

20. Our nation's steadfastness remains the sound policy of improving our ties with all nations as long as it is peaceful for us, not exceeding our rights, and for close and full cooperation with all the Arab countries on the basis of our Arab University, working to strengthen our common defense and our collective solidarity to return the Awadi from our Arab world And the independence of all the Arab countries that have not yet completed their independence or did not enjoy their freedom, such as Algeria and Oman, and to recover the part of the Arabian Peninsula "

King Saud speech on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the throne of the country in 1959

21- "His Majesty's timeless stand in the victory over the issues of Arabism and Islam and his great sacrifices in this regard can not be denied except by the abominations of the oppressor. In Palestine, Algeria, and Amman - and in every country he fought, fought and struggled. His Majesty was the first to initiate his aid, relief and support. And what he wants to praise and thank you only the great reward who has the kingdom of the heavens and the earth is aware of the same breasts and the end of things.

King Saud speech on the occasion of the passage of eight years on the throne of the country 1961

22. "We hope and call on other Arab countries to join us in these steps, which we and all Arabs are good at, to unite and unite to face the dangers facing Arabism in a single way, especially the danger of Israel"

King Saud speech on the occasion of the passage of nine years on the throne of the country in 1962

23- "We remind our brothers today, the Arabs of Palestine, of their aggression and their aggression against their homeland, robbing them of their property, violating their sanctities and dispersing them in the land unjustly and aggressively against the eyes of the world and international organizations. We are committed to the right of the Arabs of Palestine to their homeland and to return them and to remove the injustices and aggression that they face, and to compensate them for what they have lost and will not restrain us until their cause is resolved by a just solution that restores justice and security. And peace to the region. "

The last speech of King Saud on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the throne of the country in 1964