Statement by King Saud to the people of Mecca following their pledge of allegiance and obedience

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
"My brothers and sons, living in the neighbourhood of the Holy Mosque, attendants of this Mosque.
'We meet here tonight after the demise of our great king, may God rest his soul in peace. Thus I have to shoulder the burden of governance and accept the honour of being the custodian of the two Holy Mosques. 

"Tonight I have witnessed the cordial, warm sentiments you have manifested towards me and felt the great love you had for the late King.

"On this blessed night, I beseeched God Almighty, while circumambulating His Holy Ka'ba, to help me shoulder the responsibility of becoming the custodian of the two Holy Mosques and the host of His guests who come from different parts of the world, and guide me to righteousness and enable me to avoid injustice. I also beseeched God to let me never forget His bounties, always obey His injunctions and act accordingly in relation to His worshippers and enable you to help me in obeying Him. I pledge myself to endeavour at best to honour my obligations and always remember that God is Omniscient.

"On this blessed night, I wish to express to you my deepest thanks and appreciation for your noble sentiments and sincere loyalty, hoping that God Almighty may respond to my prayers and requests, help me to shoulder the burden of governance in accordance with the Holy Quran and the Tradition of the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him. I shall pay special attention to your blessed town to ensure that every help and support is rendered to you and to the guests of the Ka'ba who come from all corners of the world, with a view to facilitating their pilgrimage. May God, Most Gracious, guide us to success and bless our action in favour of Muslims."