Speech of King Saud at the ceremony given in honour of delegations visiting the Ka'aba

Date: 1955

"Praise be to God, our Creator and Sustainer. Praise be to Him alone. Praise be to God who has the exalted attributes. Nothing is comparable to Him and He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable. Prayers and peace be upon the Most favoured of His prophets who brought us guidance and the true religion. He was the seal of the apostles of God. God revealed to him the true religion that provides guidance to the people until Judgement Day. God's prayers be upon him, all the apostles and messengers. May God bless the Prophet's companions and those who righteously followed in his footsteps. Peace be upon those who fought for the exaltation of the cause of God.

"Brothers, the fact that God sent His noble Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, to this blessed nation is one of the greatest blessings He has bestowed upon us. I wish to remind you of God's grace upon us, guiding us to Islam and making us the descendants of men who called to the true faith, following in the footsteps of the prophet Abraham and all those who came after him; abiding by the Tradition of the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, and the example of the Rashidite caliphs. It was the course adopted by our forefathers who had the honour of saving His cause and this country.

"God had sent his prophets to call on people to worship no god but Him. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, prayers and peace be upon him, conveyed that message to their peoples.

"At pre-Islamic times, the Arabs recognised that God was the sole Creator and Sustainer of people. He and He alone grants life and death. 'If thou ask them who it is that created heauens and earth, they will certainly say Cod," However, in worshipping God they took an associate to Him. The difference between Islam and polytheism