Speech by King Saud to the people of Al Ahsa

Date: 1955

Author: King Saud

"Praise be to God for His graces, for guiding us to the path of righteousness and enjoining ~s to follow it while showing us the pits of corruption and ordering us to avoid it. He has united our hearts in love so that by His Grace we have become brethren. Prayers and peace be upon our Prophet.

"Since we have come to this region of our cherished homeland, we have witnessed manifestations of loyalty and faithfulness from all the categories of our great people which had a profound effect on us. The warm welcome and noble sentiments of the people we met are worthy of our most profound thanks and gratitude. Moreover, they prompt us to exert all possible efforts to ensure reform, development and prosperity in the region, and encourage us to exert further efforts in order to improve the quality of life of our people, propagate science and knowledge, and enhance security and stability throughout the country. Such warm sentiments also serve as an incentive for us to renovate all public utilities guided by our tolerant Shari'a. May God render all our endeavours successful in favour of our people, whether strong or weak.

" I am sure you are all aware of the giant steps we have covered in such a short time, implementing part of the comprehensive programmes drawn up to improve our country, enhance its status among nations and enable it to fulfil its noble aspirations. They will be followed, God willing, by other steps to be taken until we achieve our planned objectives. 

"In building up this nation, we shall secure to it a sound foundation to withstand the vagaries and whims of fate. Therefore, such endeavours will have to be accurately planned taking no account of vanities or false hopes. We would like to:

Build as our forefathers built,
And do as they did.

"Such major endeavours entail difficulties, hardships and sacrifice. But, by God's will and support, we shall continue along the road with patience and perseverance. We therefore expect that each citizen of our great people shall co-operate with us in this respect, fulfilling his national duties to the best of his ability. In doing so, he should adhere to the precepts of our religion, the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Tradition of our Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him. He should also be guided by the legacy of our wise ancestors and by their glorious deeds accomplished through honesty, wholehearted dedication, good faith, integrity and ethics beyond reproach in private and in public. On morals and ethics, Nations stands firm and fast, Should morals and ethics go, Nations crumble into a thing of the past!

"Standing on such sound and strong pillars, we call upon the sons of this nation to co-operate with us in building up their nation, reviving their past glory and planning for their better future. Our great people are kindly requested to proceed forward in unity and solidarity like a cemented structure whose bricks support one another. On our part we have to see that justice prevails among you, defend you and work to promote your interest in your spiritual and earthly life. On your part, you have to be perseverent in doing honest and sincere works, patient in seeking knowledge and developing your country to raise it to the level and glory to which you aspire.

"To this end, we have opened our doors to you so that we can hear your complaints, proposals and requests. In return, you shall heed our directives and keep to the straight path. This is the plan we aim to follow, God willing.

"God has endowed us with His bounties, true faith and His religion, in addition to bonds of friendship, compassion and fraternity. If such good attributes are invested in righteous deeds, God will reward us during our earthly life and in the Hereafter. However, if you become disunited as a result of your conflicting whims, dubious and destructive ideologies generated by corrupt propaganda, misleading and degrading trends designed for you by the enemies of our religion and country, you will reap only failure and be exposed to humiliation and degradation. You will amount to nothing but become a tool in the hands of our enemies exploited to fulfil their objectives. You have to shun any proposal that advocates corruption and destruction and withstand anyone who attempts to thwart our endeavours by upholding principles of righteousness, the teachings of your religion and the ordinance of our Crea tor.

"We have opened our country to our Arab and Muslim brothers to help us develop our country and hence, enjoy with us its bounties. If they manifest honesty and devotion in carrying out their work, they will be worthy of our protection and generous hospitality. 

"We warn everyone against such devastating trends which were, and still are, a source of corruption, disturbances and ills in many other countries. We shall not hesitate to strike at the protagonists of such trends assisted by men of good faith and eradicate them mercilessly wherever they may be. If you help us establish righteousness, God will stand by your side. If you support us in seeking goodness, God will guide you to the right course and reward you. "We thank you for your generous hospitality and sincere affection and devotion, and beseech Almighty God to guide us all to the right way for He is the Hearer, the Responsive."