King Saud's announces the appointment of his brother Faisal as Crown Prince

My beloved people,

 "It was the will of God that King Abdel Aziz Ibn Abdel Rahrnan Al Faisal Al Saud, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the shaper of its unity and the builder of its greatness, passed away. He spent his life struggling to secure the freedom, independence and progress of the country in all walks of life. While condoling ourselves and you on this calamity, our sorrow and grief are compounded because we lost him at a time when we were in great need of his outstanding character, experience and valuable directives. In him, we have lost the kind father, the righteous king and the just Imam. 

"My generous people,

 "In view of the pledge of allegiance accorded to me and my accession to the throne of the Kingdom to shoulder the responsibility of governance, I shall strictly follow in the footsteps of our late father and adhere to his views in ruling the country and managing its affairs, observing all the teachings of religion and exalting the word of God. I pledge before God to adhere to his Holy Book and the Tradition of His Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him. I shall also endeavour, in both words and deeds, to ensure a happy life for my people and the well-being of our country at political, economic, and social levels. I shall look after the interests of the country, secure the rights of its people and remove any obstacle which may hinder our progress. We shall strike hard at any corrupt practice and pay special attention to our armed forces. Moreover, I shall strengthen fraternal ties with the Muslim and Arab countries and also maintain friendship with the foreign countries as did our late father who strove to ensure to our beloved country its appropriate status with the objective of promoting comprehensive peace. 

"My beloved people, 

"At this historic moment, I would like to announce the appointment of my 
brother Faisal Ibn Abdel Aziz as Crown Prince, beseeching Almighty God to help us achieve the well-being and happiness of our great people and beloved country. May God grant us all patience and have mercy on our deceased father and bless him in paradise. We seek the guidance and help of God."

1373 H (1953) - 1384 H (1964)
By : Dr. Saleh Aoun-Hashem Al-Ghamdi

um alqura