King Saud congratulates Gamal Abdel Nasser on his election as President of the Republic of Egypt

Date: 1956

Cordial and friendly relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been
remarkably developing over time. Every day bore new evidence of the strong ties
binding both countries and proved that they are moving ahead in the same direction
to attain glory for the Arab nation, uphold the banner of Islam and establish firm 
foundations and sound basis for international peace and security.
Their common goals were but an inevitable result of the successful policy of His
Majesty King Saud in linking his country with the rest of the world, and launching it
into the international arena as a strong free country that defends liberty, protects and
supports free people. His Majesty King Saud has unfailingly adopted this policy in
all situations. Consequently, Egypt and Saudi Arabia became one country, and one
people moving forward in one direction to champion the cause of truth and

These close relations have been clearly emphasized, in particular in the kind
words sent by His Majesty King Saud to President Carnal Abdel Nasser on the
occasion of his landslide victory in the elections for the Egyptian presidency and the
reply of the Egyptian President.

Following are the texts of the two cables:

Cable sent by His Majesty King Saud

"His Excellency President Carnal Abdel asser, President of Egypt,
"Your election to the Presidency of the sister Republic of Egypt and the
well-deserved trust invested in your person by the Egyptian people was a source of
pleasure to us because you are worthy of such esteem. Moreover, you are a source of
hope for your beloved nation.

"I wish to convey to you my heartfelt congratulations on Independence Day
and beseech God to guide you to the righteous path that will promote the well-being
of Egypt and that of the Arab nation as a whole, and fulfil your hopes and
aspirations. I wish to assure Your Excellency of the solidarity of your brother and his
people and the genuine fraternal ties that will lead both countries to progress. May
God guide us to our aspired goals of glory and prosperity."

Cable sent by the Egyptian President

"His Majesty Brother Saud, King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
"It was a great pleasure for me to receive your kind cable conveying sentiments
of friendship and fraternity. I wish to inform you that I reciprocate your noble
sentiments and kind feelings towards myself and the Egyptian people who are
linked by growing fraternal feelings to their brothers in Saudi Arabia.

"The invaluable trust conferred on me by the people is but one of the graces
and blessings of God - Praise and thanks be to Him. I wish to assure Your Majesty
that we shall maintain our solidarity, fraternity and [ihad to enhance the glory of the
Arab nation and achieve sovereignty for its peoples."