Address by King Saud to the American people

Author: King Saud

''As regards the friendship between the Arab and American peoples, we can
but express our sincere hope that our American friends will understand the
aspirations and suffering of the Arabs and help their friends in the Arab world to prove the good intentions
of the American people, namely by sympathizing with
them in the face of the violated rights of the Arabs, including those of Palestinians.
Millions of innocent helpless Arabs were expelled from their homes and land owned
by their fathers and forefathers for thousands of years; they were displaced and
scattered in different parts of the world for no reason except that key figures and
politicians in the West motivated by their personal interests gave credence to Zionist
allegations and expelled the Palestinians from their homeland to establish the
invaders therein.

King Saud addresses the American conscience
"We Arabs have great trust in the good faith of the American people. We know
that they do not approve of any oppression nor injustice committed against anyone.
Western countries have been unjust towards the Arabs, ousting them from their
homes and preventing them from living on their soil with their families. The Arabs
are strongly attached to their homeland, homes and farms. They aspire to stability,
peace and security in their homeland. The American people, who, throughout their
history, have had to endure injustice should understand the meaning and
significance of freedom, humanity, patriotism, and the value of family life. The
Arabs did not attack anyone nor did they attempt to oust anyone from his land..
home or farm. Their sole wish is to live peacefully on their land and farms. I appeal
to the conscience of the American people to appreciate these meanings and to think
for a while of the millions of Arab refugees who have been expelled and their
homeland taken over by others. What was the sin of Arab women, children and old
people to deserve that fate? What crime have they committed to be deprived of what
is most valuable in life: a homeland, a home, a field and a peaceful family life on
their own soil.

This is the Arab cause
"Our American friends: We address ourselves to your conscience in relation to
the Arab cause and we have confidence in your fairness and justice in championing
the cause of truth, when it is made known to you and in supporting those against
whom injustice has been done. Let each of you think of the plight of the Arab
refugees and put himself in their place, i.e. to be forced to give up your home and
farm to total strangers and part from your family, because it was the will and wish of
some western politicians. If you consider this situation for a while, your Arab friends
are completely confident that you will offer them all the assistance they need to
uphold right and defend truth because we all share a love of freedom, of the
homeland and of a peaceful family life. We like to be free in our homeland and
generous to our guests.

''To each fair American we convey our greetings and best wishes."